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  1. Im adam packard from nacogdoches tx. Ive been working on my jerky for 10 years now and i think i finally figured it out fairly well but always ready to learn something new. I have a slaughter house in my back yard where my grandfather taught me to process deer which we still do every year and have done for the past 25. I have a 10X10x8 smokehouse made of concrete blocks,where we smoke anywhere between two and four hundred pounds of sausage at a time or 50 to 75 pounds of jerky at a time. Not exactly a noob but always up to learn a new trick or two!
  2. Hey neighbor to the south, welcome to the Forum, I sure would like to see some pictures of your smoke house.

    Gary S
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    Welcome to SMF! Would love to see a picture of what 400 pounds of sausage looks like. That's a lot of sausage.

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