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  1. I would like to start making snack sticks but have a few questions, will be making out of venison??

    When adding pork am I doing it for the pork or the pork fat ? is 25% pork about right?

    I have purchased 19mm collagen casing and LEM snack stick seasoning (original).

    Have to sign off now time to go bowhunting need more venison  [​IMG]
  2. I would not add any pork or pork fat if your doing venison snack sticks. I make all mine with just straight deer meat. 

    You don't want too much fat in the sticks.  If you have too much fat rendering during the smoke/cook, It will soak the casings and not allow them to dry and shrink as they should.

    Good luck!
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    I have to agree with dirtworldmike.
    When I make beef sticks I get the leanest hamburger I can find. Usualy 90/10 or 95/5 meat to fat ratio. If you are going to add pork fat I would not go over 5 or 10%.
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    I would add pork trim at about 25% otherwise you will have a dry product.
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    I have done straight white tail deer meat no fat and everyone I talked to said it was too dry. Maybe I did something wrong but I like my sticks a little moist.

    Here is a link to some that I did that I think came out the best snack sticks I have done, Hope this helps 

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    A full smoker is a happy smoker 

  6. Thanks guys for all the info , mixed the meat and seasoning tonight will make sticks in the morning with the help of grandson. I added some lean 90/10 pork sausage[​IMG]
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    Let us know how they turn out! Great that you are involving grandson!! Remember the pictures!!LOL
  8. Driedstick why use non fat dried milk instead of water for thinning,had not heard that before??[​IMG]
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    IMHO non fat dried milk is used in sausages as a binder to help retain moisture. It does not replace the water in a recipe.
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  11.  A friend gave me some elk.  I mixed it 50/50 with ground beef that was 80/20 figuring it would give me the 10% fat I desired. It was way too dry.  I finally broke down and asked a local butcher - he said they mixed elk and venison 50/50 with their pork trim with fat on it.  So it was basically the chunks they trim from a pork butt. They just make sure there is decent amount of meat with the fat.  I asked if I could get it from them, which they sold to me for $2.50 per pound (yep I paid over $12 for pork fat- oh and they would have charged me another $1 per pound to grind it- I elected to grind it myself).  So did the 50/50 mix of the elk with the pork I bought.  I also mix about 1 cup of dried milk with five pounds of ground meat. I've found that ratio to give me the consistency that I desire.  My family LOVED the elks sticks and I believe them to be some of the best sticks I've made.  Good sticks need fat
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