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    I live in New Orleans Louisiana, USA and love to smoke meat ,fish, pork ,chicken, venison, wild game, you name it and I will smoke it.

    I have had a Oklahoma Joe smoker for 10 years, great smoker by the way, and the fire box was starting to rot out. Leaking my precious smoke, and not holding the temperature. So I started to look at other smokers and purchased a Old Country Brazos from Academy.  I got a great deal on a scratched up unit and they reduced the cost by 50%.$499.00 and they were adverting a no tax day so WHAT A DEAL. I seasoned it Saturday and went to cooking on it Sunday.   This smoker is one heavy duty smoker and so far I love it. I smoked a venison back strap, some chicken, stuffed pork loin, and corn on the cob. Guest loved it. Kunckle suckin good!!  Still will need to practice due to a bigger fire box , pit surface, and I noticed this smoker has a steel shield that forces the smoker to travel under the food and not all around the food like my old Oklahoma Joes, nice concept.

    Any ideas or recommendations are appreciated.

    Well that's it for now.

    Fist question????

    What is the best temp gauge for this smoker.  ????????????


    Deer Hunters

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