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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by smokmifugotm, Sep 2, 2014.

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    Howd yall!

    I just received an electric smoker for my birthday and have made a couple of good briskets and a few other things. Does anyone have advice to share on smoking meats with an electric smoker? Its a 30" Master Built.
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    Hang on Smokemifyougotm , a whole bunch of MES owners will desend on you in a bit. Hang on tight...[​IMG].

    And as always . . .
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    Thanks Stan. I'm Texas born and bred too although my wife and I had to move to Utah about 10 years ago. I lived in Round Rock, TX, just North of Austin, for about 30 years. I do miss Texas BBQ

    I'm loving the MasterBuilt! I smoked a couple Texas flavored briskets with Apple wood and Mesquite and a salt and pepper rub. Is there any merit to wrapping the brisket in foil after the smoking is done? It seems to be a heavily debated topic in BBQ circles. I saw that someone on youtube wrapped their brisket in parchment paper first before wrapping it in foil. Any experience with that?
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    Do you have a Gen 1 or a Gen 2? I have the Gen 1 which is the older model and I love it. I've smoked a couple of briskets
    I've smoked two briskets in my MES 30 and I didn't wrap them in foil. I think a number of guys do that do keep the brisket warm while they let it set for an hour or so. I think that's somehow supposed to make it more flavorful but I've never bothered with it and mine still turned out tender and flavorful.

    So, you subscribe to the Aaron Franklin school of salt and pepper rub for the brisket. I'm trying that next. I've used a basic rub and a Kansas City-type rub. I've also used hickory wood pellets and also a mix of different pellets. I now smoke everything at 235* and with brisket I go for an IT of 190*.

    My biggest bits of advice for you are: 1. don't trust the MES temp display. I use and swear by the Maverick ET-733 therm. I also use and swear by Todd Johnson's A-MAZE-N Pellet Smoker and his wood pellets. I only use wood chips in my Weber One Touch Silver charcoal kettle grill when I want a bit more flavor.
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