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Discussion in 'CharGriller Owners Group' started by bbqjanto2015, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. bbqjanto2015

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    I picked up the CharGriller 2121 with SFB a few months ago.  Done a few mods (extended the smokestack, made a charcoal basket with expanded metal, dual thermometers).  Thus far, I've smoked a few Boston butts and they came out fantastic!!

    Had to "modify" the warming rack so the vertical vent could go through it....

  2. venture

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    Looks good from here?

    Hundreds of mods for this unit.

    I did the chimney extension and the fire basket.

    Other than that I place a mini loaf pan of water below the cooking grate where the firebox joins the smoking pit.

    All the mods I needed to keep temps within 10 degrees across the cooking grate?

    Good luck and good smoking.
  3. Nice job on the mods. Your pit looks great. I took my warming rack off. Never really used it, and gets in the way with big items like turkey or pork butt.
  4. bbqjanto2015

    bbqjanto2015 Newbie

    Thanks.  I've never had a problem with the warming rack interfering with pork butt.  Then again I have not smoked any larger than 5 lbs.

    Does the paint on your firebox peel?  Looks pristine from the picture on your profile...
  5. Firebox peels almost on every smoke. I cook hot and fast so my firebox gets super hot. Best thing I found to do is have a can of rustoleum high heat paint for grills. I wipe off that peeled paint and hit it with the rustoleum. I usually do this after every smoke. It only takes a minute. Doesn't look as good as new, but it stops the rust.
  6. fpmich

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    Welcome to the group BBQJanto2015!

    So glad to see your mod on the warming rack!

    It takes the guess work out of where it's safe to place foods on the top rack. I wanted to try this, but was afraid the stack wouldn't clear the outer frame/support wire.  So I just used flexible dryer vent, and curved it over, like most people.  Did you cut out just 3 wires, or is it four?

    Also how long is the inside stack portion from the top of lid?  And how close is it to the grate level?  I'm thinking if I can get it to about 2 1/2" above grates, then it won't interfere with slabs of ribs, and will still keep smoke filled chamber without stale smoke.

    Huh.  Now that I think about it, I guess I could just use some rolled sheet metal stuck in the stack, not attached, put a piece of 2x4 plus a 1x1 on the grill and shut the lid.  Then I would have my length measures pretty close.

    What are your opinions?


    You might try the mod that lets you snap off or on the warming rack in seconds.

    Not sure which thread I read it, (probably the LONG one on CG Mods), but basically you just attach nuts to bolts, without the rack in place, then all you have to do is squeeze the rack wire a little bit to snap on the extended bolts ends.  Easy Peasy!  I take mine off and on as needed.

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