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Discussion in 'For New Members' started by hanibee, Jul 14, 2014.

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    I am in the UK and have just brought my first smoker off amazon smokers are not that common here, as smoking meat is just starting to take of here in the UK.

    I need help i want to smoke my first ribs but have no idea how to start the process been looking all over the internet for help and what makes the best rub, how to get the smoker started, how to get the right temperature, do i need a sauce to rub on the ribs while they are smoking etc.

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    In the help section type in 3-2-1. it will give you all you need for ribs.

    Go to the groups there is a site with all UK members.

    Welcome to SMF

  3. ^^ go to youtube and type in 3-2-1 ribs
  4. For a simple rib rub, I make enough to put in a container and save, here is the basic one for me that never lets me down.

    First mix 2 cups of brown sugar with equal parts (about 4 table spoons) of Paprika, Black Pepper, Cayenne pepper, Chili powder.

    Then add about 2 spoons of garlic powder, onion powder, salt. Mix it all together and rub your ribs down and let them sit 1 hour up to overnight, depending on how rich you want the flavor. While smoking every hour I squirt apple cider vinegar and Dr Pepper on them to get a nice color. When the bone starts to protrude 1/4 of an inch, or the length of your fingernail wrap in foil and let them cook one more hour, then take them off the heat and let them sit for 30 minutes. Go easy on the pepper seasonings if you don't want them too spicy, I like sweet and spicy so I load up on the peppers. Hope this helps, it's my favorite go to rub, and if you take the brown sugar out, and add ground mustard seed it makes an excellent brisket rub too.

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