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Discussion in 'Pork' started by falcon1, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. falcon1

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    I take it a Boston but whether injection or not needs to be put in fridge to keep it cool. How long can this be done and where can I get bags big enough for a 5 to 8lb. Boston but?? Thanks for any help.... 
  2. tropics

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    Most $1 stores carry 2gal and 2.5 gal  zip lock bags

    Hope u have some were ever u are
  3. falcon1

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    Thank You for the help much appreciate it....didn't even think of that..
  4. Unless brining, I just put my meats on a half sheet pan and cover with plastic wrap before putting in the fridge.
  5. davidgreig

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    Hey Falcon1,

    You can use 2-2.5 gallon zip lock bag (should be carried in most grocery stores) a lot of the time what I will do after I rub my Boston Butts down is I'll wrap them tight in saran wrap before putting them in the fridge. This will partially cure the meat, push those spices in a little more and make the meat just a little bit more tender. But ziplock bags will also work just fine. Just be sure you pull it from the fridge long enough before smoking to allow the meat to get up to room temp. Good Luck!
  6. falcon1

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    Thank you all for your in-put, everyone have ben very helpful and is appreciated again Thank You All..[​IMG]
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    Actually, you go from fridge to smoker, no in-between.  You are in the danger zone from 40° - 140° and the faster you get from one to the other is better, don't let the meat linger at room temperature.  Pathogens form very quickly!

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