New to smoking meats, and having trouble with smoke quality and longevity.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by eldochart, May 9, 2015.

  1. eldochart

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    After some research, I purchased the Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault, which is a vertical gas smoker.  When I put the chips on, I get 5-10 minutes of thick white smoke, followed by maybe another 15 minutes of the thin blue smoke everyone is talking about, and then absolutely nothing, except the smell of smoke if I get close to it.  

    I have had the smoker running at medium, which seems to be the only way I can maintain 250-275 degrees, smoking chicken legs, and put two good handfuls of cherry wood chips in the tray, which did not come with any sort of cover.  I've tried both soaking the chips, and using dry, with just about the same results.  All the dampers are set at about half.

    When I search online, I see people talking about similar amounts of wood providing hours of steady thin smoke, and I'm concerned with mine burning out so quickly, and putting out such an undesirable smoke.  Does anyone have any insight into what I'm doing wrong here? 
  2. kihler

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    I also have a smoke vault 24, and I have no trouble. Do not soak the chips. I also think you are not using enough chips, and maybe the wrong size. Put fine grind chips on the first layer than add larger chips on top of those. The first layer will start the larger chips. Fill the chip tray so it touches the water tray above it. Lots of chips. Medium is about right. It should smoke for almost 2 hours. Open the vents all the way.

    Good luck.   
  3. eldochart

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    Oh, if that tray is suppose to be full, I was definitely not using anywhere near enough.  I'll try completely filling the tray tonight, and see how it goes.  I saw someone somewhere saying to only use a couple handfuls at a time, but thinking back, I think they may have been on a charcoal smoker, and not a gas one.  Anyway, thanks for the tip

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