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Discussion in 'Fish' started by henda, Apr 2, 2015.

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    This year I got into ice fishing for the first time (first time with success lets say) and I have some lake herring (cicsos), lake trout, and whitefish in the freezer I am looking to smoke. I just got a small, one door propane smoker and a friend gave me some apple wood branches that have dried out for a couple years.

    Questions for smoking:

    1. Should I smoke the fish whole or filleted? Or is it different for each fish? (I am particularly curious about the herring - should the skin be taken off so I can scrape off the red fat?)

    2. Is it better to remove bones before smoking or are they easy to work around when eating the final product?

    3. Any good brine and smoke recipes for each of the fish?

    I realize these questions may be a matter of personal opinion!
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    I did Salmon once without brine...just found a good salmon recipe and tried it...if it was me I would skin em and do em like salmon...just a thought.

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