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  1. Hi all I just started my first smoke this morning I have a dump question should I keep the vent open or half open or closed oh I am smoking to big briskets any input would be great thanks pics to come
  2. I have an MES 30 and always keep the vent fully open. It has actually glued itself open.
  3. Ok thank you
  4. As said above. Wide open.

    Happy smoken.

  5. This is hour 9 3 to go smells so good
  6. Are you cooking by time or temp. I hope it's by the temp of the meat.
  7. I am going by temp hopefuls lol right now I am at 172 internal and I still have 3 hr on the timer for a 12 hr smoke
  8. Did you make it to your desired internal temperature? 

    Or did the stall get you?

    BTW, nice looking smoker! (I have the MES-40 version so I might be biased. [​IMG])
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  9. Well I got it 180 temp then it stalled that was about 12 half hours I thought that was good to me and it was dam good :yahoo:
  10. And that's the great thing about low and slow! Even the smokes that didn't turn out quite like planned, still taste good.

    Have you checked your smoker internal temperature with thermometers other than the MES built in thermometer? A lot of people (including me) have noticed the chamber is cooler than the target temperature with the new model MES smokers.
  11. Well here is what left it was really good and I am going to buy another thermometer so I will have a second sorce
  12. I've heard good things about the Maverick ET-?472?. It's a dual probe system with a remote. Being able to know internal temp and NOT going outside (in Maine, in the winter) could be a plus.

    I personally use the iGrill. I like getting a CSV and pdf file of the smoking profile.
  13. smoke turkey today
  14. came out good
  15. all I smoked today

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