New to smoking and looking at some books

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  1. I am new to the smoking world and looking for some good books to start. Has anyone used any of these or can you tell me some good ones?

    Smoke & Spice: Cooking with Smoke, the Real Way to Barbecue, on Your Charcoal Grill, Water Smoker, or Wood-Burning Pit

    Cheryl Alters Jamison (Author), Paul Hoffman (Illustrator),

    Backyard BBQ: The Art of Smokology   Richard W. McPeake (Author)

    Home Book of Smoke Cooking Meat, Fish & Game     Jack Sleight (Author), Raymond Hull (Author)


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    Personally I have too say you already have the best BBQ/smoking book written. It's SMF. Jeff has a smoking book going to press and I would be willing too bet ya it will be a GREAT book. Smoking Meat: Essential Guide to Real Barbecue by Jeff Phillips

     Just my $0.02
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    Camper, afternoon.... sprky is right on....  this is the A#1 place to learn how to smoke....  The book below was written by Jeff ......

    Here is the direct link so you can order early.....  Dave 


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    this is what i do, ask the library for an inter-library loan. they have got me books from as far away as Indiana. this way i can look at it before buying. i usually buy used at amazon. another thought, do not be late returning these books. happy hunting.
  5. I have Smoke and Spice. It's a good book. I agree with the others that SMF is the best reading on how to smoke.
  6. Thanks guys!  I have found a ton of great info on the site so far!
  7. Smoke and Spice

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