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  1. Hey everyone...just joined the site/forum today.  My lady and I were wed last week and one of the gifts we (well...she, to be honest) wanted was a BBQ smoker.  We received our new Masterbuilt 30-inch smoker this past Tuesday and today we preseasoned it as per the directions.  We did everything by the book.  But then, something unforeseen took place and it has me worried.

    The skies got dark.  And the rains came.

    So for a couple of minutes the unit got some rain on it, not too much though.  I covered the prongs for the cord that connected to the extension cord going indoors, that area stayed dry.  I stood over the unit while the wood was burning (not smart, I know, but I had one of those surgical breathing masks on to minimize the carbon monoxide danger) holding an umbrella for 15 minutes until the rain stopped.  The top and back of the unit had very little rainwater on it.  One side had some but I dried that off easily.  My concern is the bottom, and the areas of the cord that WERE exposed to rain.  Should I be concerned about any of this?  There wasn't enough rain to accumulate even a quarter-inch off the ground but I wonder about the unit's feet.  Plus, of course, even though the book seems to be very explicit in saying "Do NOT get the cord wet", is it OK if the cord got a LITTLE wet?  It wasn't submerged at all, just some raindrops.  Plus, as stated earlier, the prongs were dry and the end of the cord going into the smoker itself also was and is dry.

    Being that this was my first experience with a smoker (and we haven't even SMOKED yet!), I'm nervous about doing even the slightest thing wrong.  Hopefully someone out there with a bit more experience (which is probably 99.9% of you) can ease my nerves!  [​IMG]
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    Welcome to SMF, Glad to have you with us.

    This is the place to learn, lots of good info and helpful friendly Members.

    Many of our members have years of experience in smoking meat.  They are more than happy helping Newbies learn the art.

    We have members who cure there own Bacon, Hams, Jerky, Snack Sticks, Make Their own Sausage, etc. if you want to learn,
    this is the place. 

    Don't be afraid to ask questions of them and follow their advice. You won't be sorry, you will be making great Q in no time at all...

    Just remember, when curing your own meats follow the instructions included with the cure to the letter, this is not something to experiment with.  

    Never use more cure no mater if it is Tender Quick or Cure #1 or Cure #2 than the manufacturer says to use, this can be very dangerous.

    Tender Quick and Cure#1 or Cure #2 are not interchangeable, neither Cure #1 interchangeable with Cure #2 or vise versa

    Tips For New Members.
    1. Go into your profile and Under Location put where you are.
    2. City & State or Area & State will do. This will help members when answering your questions.
    3. Go to ROLL CALL thread and tell us a little about Yourself (A Name We Can Call You) and Experience & Equipment.
    4. Do Not Post  your other questions and smokes in the Roll Call Forum.
    5. Post your questions and smokes in the Proper Forum, Beef, Pork, Sausage, Electric Smoker, Charcoal Smoker etc.
    6. Use the Wiki Section, many of our members have posted great tutorials and instructional threads so take advantage of them.
    7. When you can't find an answer ask plenty of questions, we have some highly experienced members willing to help you.
    8. When posting about your smokes be sure to post plenty of Qview (Pictures) Our Moto, "No Pics, Didn't Happen".
    9. Get a good Probe Thermometer, Don't Depend on the Built in Thermometer in your Smoker (They are notorious for being off).
    10. A good choice for a remote dual probe thermometer is the Maverick ET-732
    11. Remember, We Always Cook by Temperature and NOT BY TIME...
    12. Sign up for Jeff's 5-Day eCourse.  Click Here
    13. Don't Take Chances, Always Follow USDA Safety Guidelines When Handling Meat.

    14. If you are wanting to get into curing meat, there are many members here more than happy to help and give good advice.

    15. If you are unsure of a procedure ASK, don't ASSUME, It will make your Smoking experience much more pleasant...
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    No worries.If the controll panel stayed dry It's fine /The wiring and element are up a bit from the bottom of the unit.

    The statement do not get the cord wet means do not plug it in and throw the plug in water.

     You should be fine .Enjoy the MES it willput out some good  smoked meat.
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    This site has tons of info.

    I would suggest you spend some time reading all the different forums and the WIKIs.

    Then use the handy dandy search tool for specific interests!!

    Have a great day!!!


     And sign up for the awesome free E-Course!!!
  5. Scrap the electric smoker and go charcoal brother! Welcome to SMF! Even if you stick with the electric you will find plenty of info on here! Tons of good folks with lots of knowledge!
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    Welcome to the site and congrats on the marriage. 

    OK, the water thing and the bottom of the unit. Should be no worries there, if it gets to deep. Put something under it to prop it up. LMAO at a contest once we got storms and had to put the mini frig on a spare tire. The water got really deep, then the tire floated with the frig on top. Guess who got to unplug it. ME!!!!!

    So long as your feet didn't tingle, I think the cord was fine. 

    Sorry man, I'm a line construction foreman so the elec jokes comes natural. 

    Good thing I wasn't there, I could have made the famous sizzle noise while you were in the water. LOL 

    And BTW there is Nothing wrong with standing in the rain and lighting with the unberella to save temps in the smoker.

    Been there done that several times,,,,,,thats why I have a trailer rig now with a roof. 

    Happy Smokes to you and the misses, What an awesome way to interact with each other. 
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    Good thing you didn't have any food in there. Like eman said if the controller is dry your fine.
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    welcome to SMF its nice to have ya.. Have fun and Happy smoking

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