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Discussion in 'Pork' started by glenns280, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone,I have had a brinkman square smoker for about a year now I figured that this smoker was good for a neebie..I smoke chicken wings like crazy and my family and friends cant get enough..I tried ribs once not (baby back) and they turned out really bad..Today Im tryin pork chops now so we will see how that works out..

    Is there anyway to make the smoker that i have now any better ... two door brinkman from lowes...or should I just get a new one all togeather.

    thanks, Glenn
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    Propane rig right? You should be able to smoke on it just fine. What issues do you have with it? What didn't you like about the ribs? To dry, tough???? On main thing is to make sure you are at the correct temps. Make sure you have an accurate thermometer to insure you are at the temps you think you are at. If you think you are smoking at 225 and you are actually at 260 or 180 then you are going to have some issues. Do you have a digital thermometer you use in your rig?
  3. Its a charcoal digital thermometer.The ribs just didnt fall off the bone an they were tough.I cant really controll the temp it seems to stay at 200 no matter what i do..only time its real high is when i start the fire so thats how i know it works sorta lol..But i guess i need to read more about hoe to smoke ribs...Thanks for the reply
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    Go to the Wiki section and read up on the 3-2-1 method for ribs and you will have some very tender ribs next time. You really need to verify with an accurate thermometer what temps you are actually reaching in your smoker. If you are using the standard one that comes with the smoker they are known to be off by quite a bit high or low so you may not be anywhere near the temps you think  you are at. If you aren't reaching higher temps than 200 it sounds like you need to do some mods to you smoker to get more air flow or try installing a charcoal basket.
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      Glen, [​IMG]  and hope ypu like our little space on the web[​IMG]

      You'll get lots of good information here, don't be affraid to ask as there are no stupid questions,BUT you may get some odd answers[​IMG]  .

    Have fun and alwys,
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    Temperature is very important, so you need to know what the temps really are. Get yourself a digital thermometer or at least something you can rely on to know for sure. Most of the guages that come with these smokers are usually useless. For ribs, you want to be running about 225 degrees, or close to that. Don't give up, and you'll be lovin' those ribs in no time.
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    All good advice. If your temps are in the 225 range, and you know that for sure, by checking with an accurate therm. Then you use the 3-2-1 method for smoking your ribs, you will get fall off the bone ribs every time.

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