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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by cbiron, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. cbiron

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    Hello I am brand new to using a smoker and was looking for my 1st one.  I have a few I have been considering and was looking for some help.  Here are the three I am looking at. I am looking for any input that can be given to what would be the best bang for my buck and give me the best reliability.


    Smoke Hollow


    Thank you

  2. old sarge

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    Curt - Cannot comment on the two smokers you mentioned but can say with certainty that the Smokin-it line and the Cookshack line are top notch smoker.  Full stainless steel inside and out with plenty of fiberglass insulation. None better.  Considering the time meat spends in a smoker, and the price of meat, get the best you can afford. Check out their sites.  Of the two, the smokers from Smokin-it give the most bang for the buck.
  3. mark4mn

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    I'll toss in with old sarge. I bought my SI #2 in 2011(?). Few, if any reviews. spoke to Steve (owner) and took the plunge. NO regrets. I now have moved up to a #3 (2013). Thing has worked flawlessly.

  4. old sarge

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    The model 3 is really nice.

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