New to Smoker, Long time Griller, About to purchase my first pellet grill!!!

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by mlprice3311, Jun 8, 2016.

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    Hello All

    Matthew here from Arkansas 

    I have been grilling since I was a kid, but never smoked any meat (even though my brother is a really experienced smoker, ran several BBQ restaurants).   

    I really enjoy grilling and have competed in several steak cook-off competitions, I look forward to smoking some meat!

    I am currently researching some pellet smokers and have to be mindful of my budget. I have almost locked in on the Camp Chef PG24, but have looked at the Rec Tec and a couple Traegers. I am learning as I go so don't want to sink $1000 in a grill at this point. Also needing something to replace my aging charcoal grill and thought a pellet rig would serve a dual purpose. 

    Any feed back on rigs would be greatly appreciated! 

    I look forward to pickin the brains of you smoke heads.
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    Welcome bro...I'm a newbie here as well. Only thing I know about pellet grills is they really don't put alot of smoke flavor in stuff, but they control temps well and are really IMO good for chicken and that's about it.

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