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Discussion in 'Pork' started by pfalor, May 23, 2010.

  1. I just threw a nicely rubbed, 7lb pork loin on the smoker. My temp is about 225 right now and I'm aiming to keep it there. My goal is actually to pull the loin at the end, so I was wondering what temperature I should aim for. Whenever I've done a butt or a shoulder to pull, I always go high (190+), but wasn't sure if the loin can handle heats that high due to the lower fat content. I obviously have a while until I get up there, but wanted to throw the question out now! Also, if anyone has any mop or finishing sauce tips, I'll take those as well :)

    Pics to follow. Thanks in advance!
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    Personally I don't try to take pork loins that high as they just don't have the fat content to do so. I take mine to about 152-155 then foil for 45 minutes to an hour then slice them.
  3. If I'm aiming for the 150 range, it'll be done earlier than I was planning. Will it dry out if I leave it in the foil wrapped in a towel or something for a few extra hours to keep warm? Thanks for your response! Either way, I'm excited to know I'm getting something smoked this evening!
  4. Take it to 140* ... Wrap it until it's time to eat!

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    Pork loin does not lend itself well to pulling, The muscle fibers are to tight. It is better for slicing.
    Be careful if you have trimmed it as w/ very little fat it can dry out.
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    Agree with what Bob mentioned about it drying out. Are you going to spritz or mop the meat while it's cooking, or is it wrapped in bacon? As lean as those cuts are, you don't want it to be too dry when it's cut into.
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    Yep. Remember it continues to cook some while wrapped in the foil. 140º will do ya fine. [​IMG]
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