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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by floorguy, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Found one on Craigslist for $80.  It needs a good cleaning on the inside but its not bad. After I get it all cleaned up I will start the mods. I am actually thinking about turning it into a monster by finding some way to add on my propane vert smoker so that it resembles the Yoder Durango. 

    I am still not sure I will be able to wait to cook on it until it has the mods done.  It was all I could do to not light it up as soon as it was home.
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    Congrats on the new rig!  Good score!  Would love to see some pix of it and your mods.

    I did some modifications like you are thinking of (adding an upright to a horizontal).  Here are the pix:

    Then I added a propane burner to the upright portion for a lot of versatility:

    Now I can use the entire rig fueled only from the SFB, I can use either LPG or coals in just the upright, or I can limit heat getting into the upright portion and hot smoke in the main SFB horizontal chamber and cool smoke cheese, etc. in the upright portion.  I also have an electric burner/hot plate I can set up in the upright for cool smokes for bacon, jerky, fish, cheese. 

    Good luck with the upgrades!
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  5. here you go Al

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    I'd fire it up and smoke something, heck it's the weekend. [​IMG]
  7. Gonna do some of my mods first but will probably fire up my vert to calm my smokin nerves[​IMG]

    I work construction and the job I just finished up had alot of stainless that went in and the guy doing the stainless said I could take whatever I wanted from his scrap so baffle and tuning plates just need to be cut to size.  If I got really crazy I have a channel piece that I could use thats big enough to make my smoker RF after moving the stack. 

    Also scored a 30"x30" stainless table top that I am thinking about hinging and replacing the side shelf with to have a good table surface to use while smoking.

    bought a grillwok to use as a charcoal basket.

    still got to get the ducting for the stack, temp gauges and remove the diffuser between the firebox and smoke chamber
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    Floorguy, I have tried the wok for a basket and it just didn't work well.  It would work at first but it would choke the fire after awhile, ash would not drop thru the holes, unless you shake the wok, which means opening the fire box and wasting heat.  Get some expended metal and build yourself a basket (24x24 sheet)  search for instructions on how to make one, btw i have the same set up

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