new to making sausage question.

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by matlocc, Sep 28, 2016.

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    i think you 'could' use this... but it won't be quick and i highly doubt it would work well... i honestly doubt this would work well for snack sticks.
    it seems unnecessary to have an extra auger when you would already have an auger in the grinder pushing the meat.

    overall i hate stuffing with a grinder anyways so i may be a little more against this idea anyways... for the price of this thing, you should be able to get a few different sized plastic stuffing tubes that fit your desired casing sizes and for ~$50 you could get them in stainless and for ~70-100 you could get a vertical stuffer and never want to use a grinder to stuff again.
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    If you dont have a dedicated stuffer, this is the best for your grinder. Most of the time it just has whats called the needle tube, it will work for brats. Mine came with different size connections for diff grinder ends. Mine worked great with the grinder, no need to really push it hard as the second auger turns into the tube. The plastic auger fits on the end of your metal grinder auger, dont use no blade or plate when using this cyclone.

    Make sure your grinder can use this one on the link as its stated for a #22
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  4. I got this from Allied Kenco...was like $33-$34 till it was shipped. 

    I used it to stuff snack sticks last night and it worked really well. I don't have a stuffer, and maybe they're light years better, I don't know, but it worked really well, I thought. 

    Question for the group related to this----- 

    Can this be used to run larger casings/stuffer tubes? Meaning, mount this on the auger for something ring bologna sized and use the right tube for it? Is it necessary when doing the larger casings?
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    Mine did not come with any larger tubes, just the needle tube. You can use this for larger casings, just make sure you fill the casings so you dont get a back bubble (air pocket) in the meat. Keep the meat flowing around the end of the needle then work towards the open end slowly.
  6. Gotcha. 

    So if I put the larger casings on the needle and pinch them to put tension on them and let the meat fill/expand in the casings, it should go like it did with the smaller casings....sort of?

    I quickly learned that.....that I had to put tension on it so it would properly fill out. I guess it makes sense that it'd fill out the bigger casings similarly. I was just wondering if using the auger extension not with the needle but inside the bigger stuffing tubes that came with the grinder would work. In thinking that through, I'm guessing that even if it did, it would leave a lot of meat behind in the tube. IF it worked, that is. 

    I'll give it a whirl and see how it goes. Thanks! The auger kit seemed to really work well with my grinder to stuff. I guess I should buy a stuffer at some point, but it seemed to really work well, so maybe a stuffer is a lot better....???....but for now, I think I can avoid the expense. 
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    I would ask someone who has tried both before looking into a stuffer... Nepas saying that thing works well really surprises me because of how much i hate using a grinder to stuff sausage, but obviously they have one and give it good reviews. my suggestion was a guess.
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    As much sausage as i have made, this cyclone auger works if you dont have a dedicated stuffer.
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  9. nepas, 

    In your opinion, once one has a grinder and the cyclone auger stuff, is it worth the expense to get a stuffer? Are they significantly better/easier/etc?
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    IMHO: A grinder is for that, Grinding. A dedicated stuffer is much better if your going to be doing 10 or more lbs a month. You can get a Grizzly stuffer for like $30 more over the cyclone.

    If a budget your keeping in mind then the cyclone will work for you, Just dont force the meat, let the 1st auger rotate it into the 2nd auger then into the tube.

    Check Amazon for decent priced horizontal or vertical stuffers. I have two 5lb LEMs and a Hakka 7lb horizontal, 2 Dakotah water stuffers (yes even in the 5th wheel)
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    Just switched from using my kitchen aid grinder as a stuffer to buying (retail) 90$ the northern tool stuffer.

    I couldn't be happier with the results, much faster and now I can put cheese, peppers... basically anything I want into my sausage, where with the grinder it would clog up or change the consistency of the meat.

    My advise is spring for a compression stuffer!

  12. I am looking at the Hakka 7 and 11 lb units. Sick of my Kitchen Aid turning sausage to mush.

    I can't seem to find a good answer to the pros/cons of vertical vs. horizontal. As the owner of both, can you explain?

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