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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by burialworm, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. I've used wood, charcoal, and electric. I am looking at venturing into the world of a gas powered smoker. I have it narrowed down to 3 very similar units. I am not sure whether I want to go with a Smoky Hollow, a GOSM, or a Perfect flame. All seem to be very close (with the GOSM seeming to be slightly wider, which has it in front at the moment.) They are all within about 4 bucks of each other at local retailers. Any of you all have a preference?

    Ny the way thanks for the outstanding forum. Glad I fell upon it.
  2. guvna

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    get a good charcoal smoker, then stick an afterburner in it! now you got options...
  3. bassman

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    There are a lot of folks here with the GOSM. I haven't heard much on the PF other than Lowes carries that one. Someone will be along shortly to give you their take on the three.
  4. pi in sc

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    I have a PF and overall happy with the decision. Only regret is the one you mentioned with the width. I cannot get a full rack of ribs in the cabinet. If I did it over I would not get anything less than 24"...
  5. Went down to the local Wally world for some baby diapers, stopped in the garden section, and what do I find on clearance for $90? Dang straight a GOSMBB, talk about an ecstatic smoke head. Can't hardly wait for Saturday to do my first Fatty.
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    I'd say there's a good chance you got the 20" wide body and not the big block. As far as I know Wallyworld has never sold the larger 24 big block model. The 20 is great though no complaints with mine.
  7. You are absolutely correct. I took the liberty of trusting a wally world employee. Stoopid me. I am however perfectly content with the 20" for now. If I need to go larger I am looking at building my own. [​IMG]

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