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    Hello my name is David, I live in Camas Washington. I've been smoking fish and meats for quite a few years. My first smoker was a Little Chief. As a salmon / steelhead fisherman since I was a kid we smoked a lot of the fish I caught. I would smoke briskets in the Little Chief but always had to finish them in the oven. Years later my wife bought me a Brinkman electric. We did briskets and turkeys regularly. I used the Brinkman for years till I wore it out. Got another Little Chief for a birthday present have been using it up till yesterday. I called my daughter yesterday, I'm handing down the Little Chief to her, she loves smoked meat. 

    My wife Pam is turning 60 in March and wanted me to smoke a brisket so I purchased a Masterbuilt electric smoker no window looks like a fridge. My wife wanted me to get another Brinkman but after some research I decided on the Masterbuilt, good reviews.

    So yesterday I bought the smoker and a pork shoulder. We came home put the smoker parts together, seasoned per instructions. I made up a rub and smoked the shoulder overnight at 220. Got up once added chips in the middle of the night and this morning the probe temp was 195 pulled it out perfection! I think I'm gonna love this smoker. For Pams birthday I'm thinking not only brisket but sausages and pulled pork maybe even some chicken, can't wait.
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    Welcome to the forum David.  The search bar at the top of the page is a great resource.  Have a question/problem requiring an immediate answer?  Simply search it.  I usually take my pork butts to 203 and place them in an empty ice chest for at least an hour (2 or 3 won't hurt) before pulling.  I smoke min at 235.

    the key to your brisket smoke is patience and temp control.  Watch your smoker temp as well as the internal temp of the meat closely.  I plan for one hour per pound plus 2 hours.  I always foil mine at 165 and take them to 195-197 before resting in an empty ice chest for at least an hour (important)

    Good luck

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