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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by west tex smoker, May 28, 2014.

  1. Hello ya'll,

    I'm new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself.  I hail from the hot wind blown deserts of West Texas.  I have been involved with smoking meat of some sort since I was a kid and I haven't quit yet. A lot of this has been done on large scale for charities and group activities that may feed several hundred people.  I currently have a homemade offset smoker made from some heavy 18 inch pipeline pipe that works well in the backyard.  That being said I am really intrigued by the reverse flow setup as the system just makes since in my head.

    Current project: For the past two years I have (along with some friends and our Boy Scout Troop) smoked 85 briskets (each weighing between 12 and 15 lbs.) during one day.  This amount of meat required the use of 6 different smokers.  4 of these are pretty big.  This has been done as a fund raiser and it has been a huge success.  It is our hope and dream to continue with this and make it a tradition.

    With the idea that this will become common place as a fund raiser for this troop I am of the opinion that I need to build something that will handle more meat so as to reduce the number of fires to attend.  I drive my wife crazy because when I set my mind on something I usually go all the way.  I am of the opinion that I don't like to do anything more than once.  So when I do it I want it right the first time.

    Anyway enough of the ranting.  I currently have some materials for a very large smoker.  So large in fact that I have not seen anything that really compares with any of the builds on here.  In order to maintain my dignity and not be shamed or laughed to scorn I will refrain from sharing any of the details until I am ready to start with the hot work.  I will say though that I am serious enough about this that I already have two large tanks, flat steel for boxes and draft plates and the trailer (twenty foot gooseneck) for starters with the material.  I am working on this in conjunction with my brother and a very intelligent engineer minded uncle.  This in going to be fun.  When the build starts I will definitely share the story right here.

    Again thanks for having this forum it has already proven to be valuable for some insight with what I want in this project.

    Smoke on.....

  2. Hello RB, welcome to the site, now you have everyone's curiosity up, No one on here will laugh, make fun or judge you, Like myself they will interested in seeing the build and help if they can. Sound like a nice project,  There is i pit builder around here that build some real nice RF's

    The biggest one he built using 2 - 1000 gal propane tanks, with a grill, fish cooker, warmer, sinks , running water, electricity, on and on, that thing was huge. Anyway glad you joined the group.

    Gary S 
  3. That's the guy that I'm looking for then.  I actually have two 1000 gallon tanks as well.  Most of this is still in the planning phases but we have some great ideas.  I will certainly keep my eye out for any suggestions or help as well as ideas.


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  5. Thanks Joe

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