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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by joshuaf499, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. joshuaf499

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    Tomorrow will be my first time using my Charcole smoker. I am going to smake a brisket. I have done it on the ga grill with a cast iron smoker box and it rocked. I just want to know how to make sure I keep the same temp and if I need to soak the wood chunks before I add them to the fire?

    I love that good smokey flavor. I am using a Brinkman Smoke N' Grill. What are your suggestions? I have wood chunks and chips. how often do I add chips and more charcole?
  2. Hello and welcome to the SMF forums!

    I went from gas/smokebox to the Chargriller SNP, and let me tell you, it is a world of difference. Not only do you get the challenge of working the fire, but the taste is outstanding, all that you are looking for I'm sure!

    You wouldn't need to soak the chunks, it is actually better, whenever possible, to preburn the chunks a bit with each load of new coals which will need to be tendered every hour or so, depending on your temperature, which should never wander too far below 220 degrees. I use a charcoal chimney to warm up my coals, and throw a couple or few chunks of wood on the top of the charcoal to get em blackened up. I also like to sweeten my meat with some cherry or apple chips, which i just throw by the handful into the firebox every half hour or so.

    Hope that helps.
    Also, be sure to post a hearty 'hello' in the Roll Call forum, stating where you're from, previous experiences etc. Its something we kinda do around here to get to know one another. Thanks!
  3. bigbear

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    Josh- smoking a brisket on charcaol is a stern test for a new smoker. I would try something easier until you get the feel for temperature control. But if your mind is set on doing a brisket don't even think of starting without at least one good thermometer and preferably two. One for the meat and one for the grill temp

    IMHO, temp control is the hardest part of charcoal smoking and you will need many hours to do a brisket. It is not uncommon to smoke a brisket 12+ hours. That's alot of coal tending and temp checking. Hope you have a lot of beer handy!!

    The jury is out on whether to soak or not soak your smoke wood. I always soak but I don't use a charcoal smoker anymore. The smoke chips will steal heat frrom the cooking process. Wet chips will rob even more. Charcoal smokers always have problems with not enough heat. The one advantage with wet wood is that it takes awhile to start smoking and I believe most meats need a little cook time to open up before you throw the smoke to it.

    Since charcoal is simply pre-burnt wood you can throw your wood right on the coals ala Steve Raichlen. I like to make a smoke package out of foil with slits around the perimeter and set it on the coals but on the edge of the cook area. Length of smoke time is up to you but after a time most meats will quit taking smoke and you are wasting your time. I rarely smoke more than one full cycle, two at the max.

    Good luck and Happy Smokin' Let us know how your brisket turns out.
  4. jbchoice1

    jbchoice1 Smoking Fanatic

    ^ welcome... you will find lots of good info here
  5. joshuaf499

    joshuaf499 Newbie

    Everything is going well so far. about 4 hours in and the brisket is looking great. It is staying nice and moist with the water from the pan and the smoke smells great. this is way too much fun.
  6. cinnamonkc

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    Welcome to the forum. There is lots of good information here. Enjoy your first smoke!
  7. ronp

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    Welcome and good luck on your smoke.
  8. waysideranch

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    Good luck 499. Have fun with it. A new beginning.
  9. joshuaf499

    joshuaf499 Newbie

    My first official smoke was a huge success. about 6 hours of smoking and the brisket was perfect. There was not even a piece left to let anyone else try it. I can not waite to smoke some more and new types of meat. any suggestions.
  10. mr porky

    mr porky Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    Glad it went well for you. Look forward to hearing more about your efforts.

    Only suggestion, is sharing some Qview. No pics=didn't happen [​IMG]
  11. WOW 6 hrs?....That was either a small brisket...or the temps were really high....?

    I have done several briskets on a gas smoker...and they both took at least 12 hrs...Havent tried one yet on the Chargriller!

    Glad it turned out for ya.

    and Q-view means it never happened!...[​IMG]

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