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    Entering the world of briskets....... I have gotten pretty good at smoking pork and enjoyed it but now the best half wants Briskets..... A few questions I would love answered. (I realize if I search I will find this but if you mind answering again I would thank you in advance) 1. Best size to look for when picking one? (how many pounds)

    2. I hear about trimming them.... do you really need to

    3. Wrapping in foil? Should you. At what temp do you wrap in foil. I never use foil with pork and it turns out great.

    . 4. Whats the best finishing temp for brisket....

    5. and the stupid questions of they day.... what is mopping meat.
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    You'll get a few different answers here.... but here's my method.
    If fat cap is much thicker than eighth to quarter inch I'll trim a little. If you want to leave it you'll find when its ready to serve you can simply use a knife edge to easily scrape off the fat. My cook temp is 250 to 260. I only wrap after the IT gets to about 200 and then double foil it with a little foiling juice, wrap in a towel or blanket, and then in a cooler for a couple hours minimum. This when the magic really happens to get a nice, moist, tender brisket. Mopping meat is to use a thin sauce or mopping liquid and dabbing it on the meat with a meat mop. Instead of mopping I tend to spritz with a spray bottle although with brisket I rarely see a need. But I'm a great beleiver in letting beef flavor shine on its own. If you want to see what works for you try the mop, but remember every time you open the cooker you let out moisture and delay the finish time. Just remember to be patient and it will be fine. Best of luck.
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    1. I think whole packers are best to smoke, 10+ lbs. The smaller flats are a little tricky to keep from drying out.
    2. You don't need to and you will hear all different opinions on this. "Don't trim", "Trim all but 1/4" or 1/2"", "Trim all the fat". That is how I do them, trim all the fat, I like the rub to get right on the meat and not on the fat that I don't eat and will throw away anyway.
    3. Again you will hear both ways about foil. I don't foil because I like a good bark. Foiling will speed up the cook time and help push it through the stall. Most people will foil around 160*.
    4. About 190*-200* for slicing and up to 205*+ for pulling. The real test is when it gets around 180* to start doing a probe test AKA the toothpick test. Using a toothpick or sterile probe start sticking all around the brisket and when it slides in like going into hot butter with no resistance it is ready.
    5. Mopping is just coating the meat with some type of sauce or liquid with a brush every hour or so as it cooks to add some extra flavor.

    Here is an excellent thread about smoking a brisket:
  4. Happy smoken.

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    EDIT: I see a few of our fellow smokers have beat me to it...too many distractions here and I type too slow, I guess...LOL!!! Thanks fellas!!!
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