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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by nepas, Apr 20, 2016.

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    After breaking both shoulders years ago its catching up with me. Cranking the old weston was tough so i sold it got a LEM and now thats tough to crank. Was looking at motorized but Cabelas again discontinued the motor due to reasons they won't say. Other sites have them but they start around the $1200 mark and up. Scoured the net and found a link to Amazon. SS horizontal 7lb stuffer with 4 SS tubes. Watched for a few weeks as their quantity kept going down. Asked a few questions and read the reviews which were pretty good. One guy said he likes it but it was covered in packing grease and it took him while to get it all off. One guy wasn't sure about it until he got it and said its nice. I was hesitant but for $139 i took a chance. Got it yesterday, unpacked and found very small amount of grease, the shaft is greased and there was plastic sticky protection stuff on the SS bottom. Peeled with ease. Washed it down good and used food grade sanitizer wipes. Found no sharp edges at all. Only thing i did not like was the rubber feet. You would think that they would snap in instead of just being in the holes, lifting the stuffer and the feet fall off, easy fix with tie wraps on the feet posts. Came with 4 SS tubes, metal 2 speed gear box, SS piston O ring (i ordered an extra) spring air release, 6 spline handle. Upon researching the company i found that they are in Hayward Calif and PA. 

    Here are a few shots. Going to use this week sometime. So now i gotta list my LEM and 2 Dakotah stuffers for sale.

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    Nice score Rick!

    I bet it will be in action real soon!

  3. Rick,

    Looks like a great score. i have been looking for a small volume stuffer and this could be one? Please update us on your opinion once you use it.  [​IMG]

  4. nepas

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    Will do.

    6lbs of 80/20 being defrosted now. May have to wait until friday as we are heading to orlando tomorrow to go shopping. Imagine that, where she going to put all them clothes. Lol
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    Is that a horizontal stuffer?
  6. nepas

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    First time with the new horizontal.

    My pro's & con's


    1. Like the 2 speed gears, easy for me as i don't have to reach up so high.

    2. It's not very heavy even though it looks like.

    3. 4 SS tubes which is a plus.

    4. Like the spring air release on the piston.

    5. All SS makes for easy clean up.

    6. Flat bottom leaves less meat.

    7. Metal gears

    8. Splined for the crank handle.

    9. Lays flat, don't have to have special place in RV for it like the vertical

    I will have more later

    As with all new tools get to know it. If you put some foil on the bottom below the barrel any meat that falls from the piston will drop there making for easy cleaning.


    1. Does not have a stop locater on the shaft. No biggie if you watch how far you go.

    2. You have to take the tube off to re load the stuffer, again no biggie.

    3. Does not hold a 7lb batch until you crank the meat into the tube (larger tubes) Smaller tubes it will only hold bout 6.5lbs.

    4. Yes had slight meat release to the top of the seal. Do buy and extra seal.

    5. Have to leave the O ring on the piston for storing, found some scratches in the barrel from not doing so.

    So was this a good buy?

    Yes well worth it for me.

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