New Stuffer and Grinder YAY!!!!

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by coffee_junkie, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. coffee_junkie

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    I am heading out this afternoon for a 4 hour drive to Cabelas in Billings MT to pick up my new 1hp grinder and 11lb weston stuffer. While I am there I am going to get one last goose hunt in. Sausage of the sky I like to call them. Wish me luck and safe travels please. I cant wait to see my brother and pull the trigger a few more times before the season ends. But most of all I am super excited for my new toys! I will be making sausage next weekend so I will post a full review and some qview since it has been a while for me.
  2. Good luck there Mr. Junkie.  Sounds like we will have similar weekends, I just acquired a new grinder myself.  I'll be banging away at the ducks in the morning and I'm currently  torn between an evening deer hunt, or watching the Saint's playoff game on TV.  Decisions....decisions....

    I'll be watching your goose sausage thread closely, because I have a bunch of waterfowl in the freezer that needs to be dealt with.
  3. shoneyboy

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    Congratulations on the new toys, I received the Weston 11lb stuffer for Christmas. Unfortunately I was so busy during the holidays that I didn't have time to try it out. I did open the box and clean everything get everything ready to go, then the wife said that we had to go to some family stuff. BUMMER !!!! It looks like it is a very sturdy and well built piece of equipment. FYI They had the stuffer on sale for 129.00 on line the week of Christmas. I'm not sure if they are still on sale or not.....
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    Well congrats on the new stuffer and grinder. Well you be safe driving there are alot of Northern maniacs driving up there now. JK have fun and just keep this in the back of your mind when you are making your first batch of sausage and you run out of meat. The dog doesn't make very tasted sausage. I know our we now call our dog Tri-pod. 
  5. boykjo

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    I wish there were a cabelas near me.......I shop there online . I have 150 bucks of gift cards from christmas ready to be used. I think cabelas blows bass pro out of the water. Congrats on the new toys, If you havent seen the 1hp cabelas grinder, It is impressive. I had to show mine off to my friends. good luck on the hunt
  6. scarbelly

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    Congrats on the new toys and good luck with the hunt

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