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  1. So, My grinder and stuffer came in... SWMBO says dont touch till Christmas... Dang it! My VacMaster 260 came, many thanks to LisaB, she helped me figure things out. Today my buddy picked up a new poly meat tub, and lid, a pile of premixed seasonings, some hog casings, and some collagen casings. He got fresh, because he thought the smoked casings had a flavor on them, assuming I would be smoking them any way. Will the fresh handle the smoking process? Or am I better off re-purposing them to a non smoked recipe?

    Pics will follow Christmas day I hope!
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    You're snorting like a bronco at the starting line.

    Somebody bring a starter's pistol!
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    Your  natural hog casings will be fine for hanging to smoke . The collagen casings can't hang as they can't take the weight and must lay on the racks. You will love the big tub too as it gives you plenty of room to mix up your sausage meat. Good luck and you'll have a blast !
  4. Yes you can use both of your casings. It sounds like you are going to be busy as soon as you get the go ahead. I look forward to seeing your Qview.

    Happy smoken.

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    Step 1: Give SWMBO your credit card and send her shopping

    Step 2: Make sausage

    Step 3: Clean up real good and put back in it never happened!
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  7. Gentlemen, a peek in the tub! Seeing as this isnt included in the Christmas allotment, I can still poke around.

    Tomorrow, two cases (70 lbs each) of pork bellies show up, and a case (40 pounds) of pork shoulders show up. I have a large mule deer in one freezer, moose in another, and an elk hunt starting January 8. Oh boy!! If this were a game of Texas Hold 'em, I'd be all in!
  8. Thank you for the info. Pics will follow, and probably more questions.
    Thanks for the guidance Joe. I appreciate it!
  9. So, along with the stuffer and grinder, Bride got me a couple books! Here's a quick pic!

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