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    I was planning on making some more sausage for Superbowl weekend, but realized I was low on "good" Hungarian paprika.  I was contemplating an urgent order from the usual on-line sausage or spice supply sources and I found a place called "Savory Spice Shop" in Atlanta (near my office).  Prices looked good on-line and they had a huge selection.  So today, I popped in to re-up. OMG!!!!!!!

    This place is AWESOME!!!!  They have more spices than I could ever think about, and a lot of stuff I never heard of.  If you are in Atlanta, they are in Virgina Highlands right across from Highland Hardware (a well known landmark).  This photo is only about 1/4 of what they had.

    This is their Paprika selection.  Yep, 6 kinds of Paprika.

    Scored a metal base for my Himalayan salt block my daughter bought me for Christmas, a new mortar, a bigger micro-plane, stainless spice funnel, hickory smoke powder, jalapeno powder, Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika and some Sweet Hungarian Paprika (note the clerk and I were talking and she printed the wrong label for the Paprika bags I took home, it's not the hot as I can add cayenne which is the only difference between the Sweet & Hot versions).

    Prices were reasonable considering the stock they hold.  Smoked Paprika was $9.35 for 8 ounces, Sweet Hungarian was $8.00 for 8 ounces, Hickory smoke powder was $3.80 for 1 ounce (little goes a long way), and the ground jalapeno powder was $5.05 for 2 ounces.  Plus they gave me 4 of the $5 of a $10 purchase cards for future visits.

    They have a ridiculous number of BBQ and other rubs pre-blended and will even custom blend what you want while you wait.  They have small bottles of every spice labeled for tasting and smell testing and actually encourage you to taste before you buy.  The selections are pretty much overwhelming, and it takes a minute to just take it all in.

    So if you are like me an  have not really searched for a local spice supplier, check out their website to see if they have a store near you. It's worth at least a visit. They are in 15 states.
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    Sweet!! I would hate to have one of those close to me!! I wouldn't be able to stay out of the place!! [​IMG] I'm pretty happy with the stuff I get from the Spice House on line but that looks like a great place to have around for sure!
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    Looks like a great place! I'm jealous!
    I just looked it up and there is one an hour from me where we grocery shop! Thanks for the heads up, it's going to be a regular stop from now on!:points:
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    Just spent the last 45 minutes or so browsing their web site. They have some interesting blends and a nice recipe section. May have to buy one of their gift boxes for myself of their bbq selections and compare it to what I get from the Spice House.
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    If you get to the Dallas/Fort Worth area go to a place called Penderys.  It's a small store that has soooo much stuff it'll blow you away.  I only got there about once a year but will go out of my way to see the store in person.  They are famous for their chili powder..
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    I grew up in Ft. worth and Penderys is were we got all our spices. I don't get back out there anymore. Been years since I have made that trip but I do order what I need from there online store.

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