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  1. I'm making lunch for 100 church members.....I will be smoking pork butts, briskets, and chicken. will be making sandwiches with all this meat.  Will be serving 2 side dishes plus dessert.  any idea how much meat this event will take?  HELP[​IMG]

    Here's my guess (and please correct me if I'm wrong) 4-8lb pork butts (for pulled pork sammies), 4 briskets (for shredded brisket sammies) and 8-10 (3-4lbs) whole chickens (for pulled chicken sammies) does this sound about right??

    Josie - SmokinVegasBaby

    P.S. finally got around to smoking Cedar Planked Salmon with an Amazing Spice Rub for my hubby last weekend - here's my "salmon Q-view".  I don't eat fish but my Jerry was a really happy guy AND he didn't mind NOT sharing!

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    Since you are doing pulled chicken I would smoke thighs and not whole chickens. You will end up with more yield and less waste than if you use whole chickens. For pulled meat I like to figure 1/3 lb (finished product) per person. Good luck and show off your smoke with some Q-view.
  3. hmmm hadn't thought about just using thighs. ok will smoke thighs, legs and breast. I'll buy a 10lb bag of each at Sam's that should do it right?Yes of course I will be showing off some Q-views. Thanks for the info dirtsailor2003.

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    Josie, IMHO I think that for pulled chicken thighs is the way to go. No need for the other cuts. Since you are smoking pork and brisket too, I would think that probably 20 pounds of chicken (finished) would be plenty. I for one would be digging into the pork more than anything!
  5. IMHO?? what does that mean???? not up on the posting lingo yet lol.

    Ok I will go with 20 pounds of chicken (finished) that equates into how much raw bird?? my best guess is about 3- 10lb bags. is that correct?
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    In My Humble Opinion. That should be pretty close. For pork butt I always figure that I will end up with about 40% of the original weight (that's bone in butt). When doing just thighs you don't loose as much, because there is only the one bone and moisture lost isn't as much. I guess if you end up with leftovers, it will freeze well. We vac-pack just enough pulled chicken or pork into each pack to make a couple sandwiches. Nice to pull out a pack and reheat for a quick meal.
  8. thanks good for the great info Chef JimmyJ..........

  9. chef jimmyj

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    Any time!...If you need more info or Recipes for Sauces, Rubs, Etc., send a PM I am here to help...JJ
  10. "in my humble opinion" of course I knew that [​IMG]

    Feeding my church members don't think there will be any leftovers......this group of people love to eat and they ALL love my cooking lol.  I'm really digging smoked chicken thighs now - in the past I would always throw them in the freezer for another use - like making chicken broth. 

    Thinking about purchasing a Lang Smoker not real happy with my newly purchased off smoker.  Makes me work waaaaay to hard controlling temp even with all the modifications my friend made (welding and sealing holes etc.)...........any thoughts or comments on the Lang Smoker??? This is what I get trying to go on the "cheap" bad Josie :-(

    Thanks so much for all your helpful info.  Have a "smoking" day!

  11. heck yeah will do.............


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