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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gnappi, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. gnappi

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    My apologies in advance for the long post. :)

    I'm looking to get a new smoker. My last one was a rube goldberg of two Brinkman smokers stacked like a two stage missile to get more capacity. It was tough keeping it up to temperature in cool weather so it was set in a small walled off area to help keep it warm. I used it for many years until age and salt air took its toll.

    Nowadays whatever I get is preferred to be a charcoal smoker because keeping enough propane on hand for a smoker, deep fryer and gas grille is a bit much (but do-able), and I understand electric models cannot use the chunk wood I am able to get in abundance and I have no desire to chip it before use.

    Reading about external firebox models and after seeing a couple of shows on TV on smoking as it seems they are highly regarded in the world of serious smokers.

    The problem with the firebox types is the prices are all over the place, and since it's going to be left outdoors I need something rugged without paying a premium price for a glitzy piece of junk that won't wear well.

    The stuff from char broil looks too flimsy on the little wheels and painted frame, and I read of complaints concerning rust. Not good for an outdoor fixture.

    So, does anyone have recommendation on well made offset smokers or even vertical models (propane is considered but second choice)  that can stand up to humid wet weather here in south Florida if well cared for. It's not moving, so wheels are not wanted or needed. It will be on a cement patio raised off the patio deck with some sort of cover over it.

    Thanks for any advice y'all can offer

  2. tropics

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    WSM they have a few sizes and the finish is very good.I just got one and have not been able to use it yet.

  3. smokinal

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    As Richie said the WSM is about the best smoker you can get to learn with & for the money it's a very good buy. I have 3 of them, all 3 sizes & use them often. That being said the smoker I use most of the time is my Smoke Vault gasser. It's just too easy to use & it cleans up in seconds. I get a smoke ring with it & I really can't tell any difference in flavor between it & the WSM's. However on a long smoke, i.e. overnight butt or brisket, I will always use the WSM. It holds consistent temps for hours & the 22.5 will go 20+ hours without refueling. I also have a BBQ Guru that I use for the long smokes ( so I can sleep without worry )

    Hope this helps. 

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  4. krex1010

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    I hate to sound like a broken record....but the wsm, right out of the box is an easy to use, excellent cooker. They are versatile, can be used with water pan, no water pan (uds style) lots of available accessories. The weber porcelain finish is extremely durable, it doesn't require any seasoning and it just lasts. They are easy to control, hold any temp between 200 and 300 really easily, and if you run no water pan/diffuser you can run from 250-350 just fine. In case you haven't noticed I'm a wsm fan. The PBC and UDS cookers also have a lot of fans and seem to work really well. I have looked at the offset type cookers but I haven't seen any that look well made that wouldn't break the bank.
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  5. trueteam

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    Alright, I will beat the horse some more, I love the WSM too. I have the MES 30 too, but I usually only use that for bacon and beef sticks. The WSM does a great job
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  6. joe black

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    Welcome from SC, Gary. It's good to have you on this great site. Yes, the WSM is a very good smoker and very user friendly. For just a couple of dollars more, look at the Old Country Wrangler at Academy Sports. It is a traditional horizontal offset smoker. It's small enough for your patio, but large enough for a neighborhood cook.

    Good luck in your purchase. Keep on smokin', Joe. :grilling_smilie:
  7. jirodriguez

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    If want charcoal and vertical it's WSM all the way. I have had a 22.5" WSM since about 2009, only mod I made was to add eyelet holes (new ones have that included now), and it has never let me down. I fire it up and the neighbors come running because they know there will probably be some goodies to share. [​IMG]
  8. Weber makes a good product. I use there 22.5" kettle and a 44" MB propane smoker. If I was buying a new one today I would get a Lang, you can get it with or without wheels. I don't know your budget, but the Lang is really heavy built and will last.
  9. gnappi

    gnappi Fire Starter

    Thanks Joe,

    It looks like they don't have a "wrangler"model but I'm reading the reviews on the "Pecos" now. Yeah, I've had upright smokers and they're OK, they're mobile / storable, and don't take up much room but once I fire one up I'd rather have the capacity of one like the pecos, it's ~150" larger than the largest upright.  :)
  10. jirodriguez

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    Keep in mind how much capacity you will actually use 95% of the time vs. those one or two times you might need a bit more room. I have put 90 lbs of meat on my 22.5" WSM at one time - (4) pork butts on lower rack and 3 full packer briskets on the top rack, it was a tight fit though. That was for a Christmas party of about 75-80 people. But 95% of the time I have more than enough room for anything else I'm going to do.
  11. joe black

    joe black Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Gary, See if. They can get the Wrangler. Some folks say that the Pecos is larger, but I don't think they consider that the Wrangler has a second shelf. Also, the Wrangler is made of thicker steel.

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