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    This is my new smoker getting ready to seasoned. Its a Dyna Glo 36 wide body. I was wondering if anyone has or ever had one. Any info would be appreciated. Noticed there isn't much info on this brand.
  2. Congrats on the new toy. One thing I see wrong with it is that it is waayyyy too clean.

    Smoke it up.
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    Congrats - you know it's a tradition on the forum that whenever someone gets a new smoker they host a party for the rest of the forum.  So what time do we show up?  [​IMG]
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    Keep us posted once you get 'er up and running!

    I'm also in the market for a new smoker this winter so I would love your pro's and con's !
  5. kurtas, i know you already found my thread on that smokers bigger brother, but for others i will post it anyway, i also updated mine with new info from my 2nd smoke with it

    If yours is like mine and has the thin metal water tray and chip pan, wrap your chips in aluminum foil, i did that, but forgot to poke the holes in the foil while i was inside and was to lazy to go back in and get a knife so i used my pinky to poke 5 holes, turns out that might have been to much cause it burned up a good amount of chips in less then 3.5 hours, but the result was way better then the first smoke where i didnt use the foil, the smokey flavor was pretty much perfect for the meatloaf i did this time, the smokey flavor on the first run of burgers was very, very strong. So it is possible i just didnt put in enough chips to last 4 hours, it has been a very long time since i have used chips, been using a tube smoker from amazin products for a few years.

    Another tip, not sure if you are new to smoking or not, if you are this might be new to you, if not, you probably already know it. Line your water tray with aluminum foil that way when you are done you can just dump the water, remove the foil and not have to do any further cleaning to the water pan, that would otherwise get filthy from the drippings of whatever you are smoking.

    Hope you like the smoker, mine is good so far, had to do much, much less to this one then i did my old masterbuilt xl to get it up and running, it already had a smoke stack, and a door gasket, plus a chip pan that worked well and didnt have giant holes in the bottom of it. It is a better smoker overall. I just wish they hadnt gone cheap on the chip pan
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