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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by alamar, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. Just picked up my new smoker from Abe's Smokers. The maiden voyage was a few slabs of ribs and they came out great. Gonna take a little practice in getting things figured out but that is half the fun....

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    Wow...that's a beast!  Congrats alamar!  When you have the chance, please show us some more pics.  I'd love to see the setup inside, pics of it in action, etc.

    Have fun on that new toy!

  3. Will do. It is a really nice reverse flow smoker. The outside walls are filled with 2 inches of ceramic wool insulation so it holds temp really well. it holds up to 8 21x17 raks and from what I have been able to see there is about an 8-10 degree difference between the top and bottom of the smoking chamber. The built in water pan drains out of a 1 inch ball valve on the back. Picks to come this weekend as I do a couple of packers.
  4. I was there when Al Picked his up in order to order mine.  They have a great website with lots of pictures which gives you an idea of the design.  The outside walls are 2 inches thick.  Within these is the insulation.  The firebox is located on the bottom and uses an internal wall to flow the heat and smoke to top of the box. 

    Now internal holes to the food chamber allow the heat and smoke to flow down the food and it vents at the bottom of the food chamber, just above a water pan.  This pan helps regulate the firebox below and provides moisture to keep the meat moist.  It's a great product.  Check out their pictures.  
  5. Al my box should be ready later today.  WOOT WOOT

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