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Discussion in 'For New Members' started by smokey treats, Oct 19, 2015.

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    I have been smoking fish and meats for a few years. I feel that im pretty good at it but my smoker a masterbuilt does not work as far as giving my meats a great smoked flavor. Its just ok the seasoning are right on.Any suggestions i dont want to use pellets i would like to use real wood. Without spending to much $300-$500
  2. I would add the Amazn Smoker. It is the best item for effortlessly adding smoke to your smoker. It uses pellets and so for around 30 bucks u will have grat smoke flavor for your next 50 or more smokes.
  3. New member, first post, and an extreme rookie.

    I recently bought a Masterbilt Electric 30" Smoker, or MES (I think that is what others are referring to when using that acronym).

    Anyway, everywhere I read people were recommending the A-Maze-N pellet system. So I jumped on Amazon and purchased the first A-Maze-N product I found. Ended up with a "Smoker Maze."

    Is that correct or should I have gotten a 6" or 12" "Smoker Tube?"

    Also, directions say to light the pellets on that for all smokers, even electric ones?? Or is that referring to gas and charcoal smokers only??

    Sorry, you can tell I am new ;)

    Thanks for the help!


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