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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jfoote, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. First off I would like to say thanks to anyone who has ever posted anything on this website.  I have found so much information that has helped tremendously.  I have always wanted to smoke meat, and now I have the equipment to do it.  Smoking is truely a new love for me.  My wife doesn't quite understand the passion yet, but so far has liked most of the things I have done.  That is saying alot, she would flip to a vegetarian without much pressure.  So far to date I have smoked a turkey, several chickens, chicken wings, beef roast, boneless ribs, picnic roast, and a few fatties.  Tonight I am going to fire the beast up and do three racks of ribs.  I just read on the Pork sticky about how to trim them up.  I have litterally been thinking about getting home all day to start cooking.  I am sure my lust for the thin blue smoke will thin out a little, but for now I am a full smoking crackhead. 

    A little about myself:

    30 Year Old Married father of two daughters

    I hale from the town of Ursa, IL (pop ~150)

    I am a Field Service Engineer (basically I travel the country fixing and installing AM/FM radio transmitters)

    I own a Charbroiler Smokin Pro w/sfb and the seperate but sexy Propane Twin

    I have tried smoking with charcoal only, but lately I start the fire with charcoal and use splits.

    I look forward of posting some pics of my smokes when my wife isn't looking.  She doesn't like to think of the animals.  I prefer to celebrate them in my own little way. 

    I have a couple of future challenges pre-planned.  One is to cook a boston-butt.  The only reason I haven't is due to the size and the amount of people in the family.  I am also going to try a Turducken.  I have heard this is more of a gimmick, but if God put meat on it, I am going to try and smoke it atleast once.
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    Welcome Jfoote!!  I am also originally from western Illinois.  Alexis.  My mom and a couple cousins went to QU.  Have a cousin on the ladyhawks volleyball team actually.  Used to live in Macon, MO so I drove right by Ursa on 336 multiple times to and from my parents.  Good to have you here!

  3. Welcome to SMF! Hey don't worry about trying a pork butt...there's only 2 of us and I've done several. When pulled, it vacuum seals and freezes and reheats beautifully for quick meals! 
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    Hello and [​IMG]to SMF - glad to have you here with us 
  5. Welcome....You sound like you're hooked....I started that way almost 25 years ago and the feeling is as strong as ever....It's a fun sickness...............................................[​IMG]
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    Hello & [​IMG]

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