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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jibbajabba, Feb 21, 2016.

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    How's it going folks?! I'm from south Louisiana and I've done lots of cooking in my life but new to the smoking game. A few days ago, my wife bought me a MES-40 at SAMs and I guess now I'm learning to smoke meat!! I've done lots of jerky in dehydrators and I'm looking forward to trying my hand at that but I'm also excited for brisket and pork loin. Along the way, I want to learn how to make Tasso (a south Louisiana essential ingredient) and homemade smoked sausage.

    Keep in mind I'm brand spanking new to this but I have a pic of my rig and any tips on how to use it properly from the veterans would be appreciated!!

    A few beginner questions.
    1. Vent on top. Open or closed during smoke?
    2. How often to reapply chips to the chip tray?
    3. Sure fire rub for baby backs and brisket.
    4. What kind of chips for what kind of meat?

    Thanks ahead of time and i already love reading posts and dreaming about doing some of this stuff!

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