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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by ballplayerlc, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. My name is Lee and I'm a guy new to the smoking world. Been barbecuing for many years but just recently took the jump into the smoker world. 

    Joined here to talk to people and get advice from more experienced smoker individuals. 

    Also looking for people from the South Florida area that would want to meet and share some BBQ tips 
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    welcome to your new addiction (forums) Eric ... we have just what your looking for in a get together... you, your family, and friends are more than welcome to join us... I will say if you want to camp to make reservations now as the campground is full by the time the gathering gets here... If you don't want to camp, come and join us for a day... post up on this thread if your interested... here's the link...
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    what kind of ball do you play ??
  4. I just posted in that forum you gave me the link to. And thank you that looks awesome. 

    It's an old screename from when I played baseball in high school. Between college and work you don't have much time to play sports but I now play ice hockey 
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    cool.. i'm gonna find some picture threads from previous gatherings and will post the link on the gathering thread... will be good to meet ya there... as I said.. if you plan on camping I would make reservations as soon as possible to make sure you get a site.. there were some people last year that wanted to camp but all sites were full.... the gathering site is on site number 88.. so get as close as possible to that... upper 70's and 80's are near the gathering site... your allowed 2 tents per site so if you have freinds that would be interested y'all can split a site.... see ya on the gathering thread....
  6. Hey Lee, hello and welcome to the forum from East Texas

    gary S
  7. Thanks Gary. How's the Texas style BBQ going?
  8. Great, Texas style is a little different than Memphis, KC, or Carolina's or Florida style,   But I like all types depends what mood I am in. One of my very favorite places is in Hot Springs AR.  It' been there since 1928, 3rd and 4th generation. 

    Gary S

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