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Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by overshot, Dec 16, 2011.

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    Good News Guys.  I’ve submitted a few photos of my project.  As soon as the “Powers to be” on this forum approve they should be up.  Today with the thermostat turned ¾ of the way and the fan turned on I was able to get 152 degrees in 45 minutes.  Next step turn thermostat up all the way and see how hot she gets; gauge on outside indicates it will get to 220.  Step two; add smoking chips to pan to see how she does.  Not sure how it will work since the pan is not resting on the heating element might have to make some modifications.  Also I might have to put a vent in the top…she’s all aluminum so that might be a challenge.  BTW the guy who gave me mine bought them at a hospital auction where he bought 14 of these for $5 apiece.
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    Cool I've got one very similar to yours. It was a doughnut transporting box. It has made a great verticle smoker. I have tried several different heat and smoke configurations.

    By far the best way to get smoke in that box is an A-Maze-N Pellat smoker. I use a propane burner setup. but the electric element should give you better control if you want to do lower temp smoking. jerky...snack sticks ... summer sausage....bacon ...and cheese!  I you need a place to order racks check this place out I got some nice doughnut screens that have worked perfectly.

    Good luck and have fun!


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