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  1. hey guys,im new to this so bare with going to build a new smoke house soon and want to run it by the folks on this site to see what yall think.the house will be 4x4x8 wood construction with a concrete floor" the outside im leaning toward cedar or cypress"with a metal roof with a 1.5 inch air gap around the whole top of the structure and a 6 foot door opening.i will use a fire box made of steel and burn either pecan or oak,the fire box is removable so i can build a fire outside the structure than move it in when im you think i should use some sort of insulation insde and than cover it with non galv metal for heat retention?i live in south louisiana and it gets pretty hot in the summer so im not sure if the insulation is you think i have enough ventalation or to much?any suggestion appreciated.thanks a lot ........duke
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    First off welcome to SMF there Duke. Now for your smoker. you can build it with some 2x's and 1/2" plywood and a floor of some kind. Then you just need some sort of heat source. There are as many different types of heat sources as there are smokers so. You can go with propane gas, electric or even wood if you want to. I would suggest that you first look up the E-course and it will give yo the basics on smoking meat and then you can make a better descion on your smoker. So with that said

    Welcome To Your New Addiction.
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  3. thanks for the reply.when i have time i will take the e course and put what i learn into my for now im still useing the old smoke house at my familys place in central la,just a basic metal 4x4x8 building no floor and wood for heat and flavor.i live in the city now so i have to make my smoke house not only work good but also look good so my neighbors dont get in a tizzy!
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    Welcome from Slidell.  Lived here just about my entire life so I understand the weather.    The idea of making a removable fire chamber is interesting.  

    I have a smoke house with offset firebox that I use for bacon and cold smoking sausage and cheese.  I try not to use it during August as you might expect!  Most of the rest of the time in the warm months I will smoke at night when it is only in the 80s

    I like the materials you are using and do not see a reason for insulation unless maybe you want to achieve 250 degree temperatures.    I have a separate reverse flow smoker to do the hot smoke stuff.  The tin should be fine, I do have a question about the tin getting pretty hot, and having moisture condense and drip back on your food?   Not sure how much of a gap you intend to have for venting but you can always cut in a new hole and cover it with eave vent.

    Also keep in mind the ability to cold smoke.  If you can fit a piece of air conditioning plenum or stove vent and set your firebox about 4 ft away the smoke has time to cool before entering the smoker,  MMMMM  BACON

    Keep in touch,  We have a little SE LA and MS group going and are trying to plan a regional get together this summer and then a couple friends of mine EMAN, Shooterrick and I have a larger 4 day event at my farm in Thomas called SELA

    Glad you joined up, look forward to pics of your build
  5. welcome duke!  I am new to the site as well and also from Louisiana (Gonzales).  This site has been very helpful providing ideas for my build.  I am in the process of building my cypress smokehouse now.  Check out my build thread for pics and hopefully some ideas.....Hoping it will work well and I can't wait for a test run!

    Also, here is a link to my photobucket account with additional pics>>>
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    Wow, gonzalesdave! You are going all out on your smoker! Love the racks! 
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    I had one 4x4x8 years ago and I dug a hole in the ground inside for the coals and would lay a piece of tin over them to smolder., it also had a 4"pipe buried to the outside for fresh air intake. We didnt use any insulation or anything. mine was skinned with old tin. Basically looked like a ol tools shed and it worked great. You could hang a lot of sausage in it. I only used the middle level about 4' up for hanging the meat and so most of the heat rose to the top. It had a plywood door on it made from scrap wood. The simpler the better.[​IMG]
  8. thanks alot guys for the input!i think im going to enjoy this site more than i had thought,everyone has been super cool and helpful to me and i ve only been here a few times!hoity, your smoke house sound like the one i use now in villeplatte la,a basic box tinned out and a fire source"my fire bow is plate steel and can be moved out to light ,clean, etc"but basicly the same.we smoke mostly sausage,tasso,and andoulli.normally we"my family"make several hundred pounds at a time and split everything down the middle.dave if that smoker cooks as good as it looks you probably going to have a lot of new friends comming to the house!thanks to all and see you guys soon!........duke
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    Duke, the next time you guys make up the big batches snap some pics and post them on the site! We love seein' pics aka q-view!
  10. i will try to post pics on our next smoke outing,all i have to do is figure out how lol!guys im a construction guy and not real savey with computers,but im learning!..........duke

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