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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by stretchdeck, Aug 7, 2013.

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    Hello all, So i have been drawing up a RF smoker idea in cad and i wanted to run it by you guys and see if you can help with a few things. First off it will be built from 1/4 plate steel not a tank. cc will be shaped like an old school ice machine ( deeper on the bottom than the top ), with a single vertical opening door. dims will be 48" wide and 30" deep at the bottom and tall, and 20 inches deep at the top. I have run and understand the calculator. my problem is that i want a warming/smoking chamber above the FB. I'm wanting to use the WB as an additional or standalone smoker as well, for smaller smokes or larger get togethers. I have seen how Lang does it with all the baffles and diffuser plate. is that the only way to do it, or is it even feasible to make a 3 in 1 smoker?

    I do plan on starting the comp circuit and this will be mounted on a trailer as my primary smoker. Also a few times a year we would like to smoke a whole hog. thus the size of the cc. It will also be my home smoker so i would like to be able to use the smaller WB as a smoker without having to heat up the cc.  
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    SD, Morning....  I'm in.......  [​IMG]  ......

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    would a cabinet shaped cook chamber get as good of flow as a propane tank build. I'm worried that with my dimensions ever expanding ( now at 3' tall, 2' deep, and 4' wide ) the meat at the bottom wont get the smoke that the top does. and will there be a massive temp difference from top to bottom? I'm wanting around 2' from bottom rack to top of smoker so i can do pigs if i want to.
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    SD......  You will continually have a problem with uniform temps in a cabinet unless you install some type of circulating fan and insulation....   Just the nature of the beast...Cabinet smokers are designed for commercial establishments....  Good use of floor space....  

    Consider all your options....   of course there is the "reverse flow vertical cabinet" option.......

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