New Smoker Build FB placement issue?

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by txsmoker76, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. txsmoker76

    txsmoker76 Newbie

    Hello all, I'm finally getting everything together on the 120 gallon smoker. I followed all the measurements in the pit calculator for the size I was building. But for some reason it looks like the fb is too low on the fb. I attached a pic of it so far. Will this work with the fb this low even though the fb to cc opening is up to spec?
  2. aking6341

    aking6341 Newbie

    Probably lots of different opinions, but based on some readings I set the top of my opening at grate level.
  3. txsmoker76

    txsmoker76 Newbie

    How much of an impact do you think it will have on heat distribution?
  4. aking6341

    aking6341 Newbie

    I'm by no means an expert. If I had to guess I would say you may have more bottom heat vs. a lot of smokers that have top heat. If you keep it like that and it were me, I would make sure I have good draw with a large smoke stack diameter and length.

    Like I said though, I'm not an expert so take that with a grain of salt.
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  5. ahumadora

    ahumadora Smoking Fanatic

    One of the reasons it looks low is that it is a square firebox, so does not have the arch of a round one .

    Did you add a 1 1/2" -2" lip on the bottom of the cook chamber to act as a grease trap?

    Is the firebox 33% of the cook chamber?   (Looks a little bigger to me).

    At this stage you may as well keep going and finish the rest off and light it before making changes to the firebox.

    There is not much that would affect the rest of the build.

    Being super low firebox and a standard offset it should draw well.

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