New smoker B-day present

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by yount, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. yount

    yount Meat Mopper

    well wife went and bought me a new smoker for my birthday this will come in handy once the weather breaks since my perfect flame is gonna be staying in the garage .well here it is with its seasoning smoke in it had no problem getting it to 250 will have fun getting used to it.
  2. That is an awesome gift - I hope you pay her back 10-fold with great Q! Congrats!
  3. pineywoods

    pineywoods Smoking Guru Staff Member Administrator Group Lead SMF Premier Member

    Congrats and happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!
  4. rdknb

    rdknb Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    happy birthday and what a great gift
  5. yount

    yount Meat Mopper

    almost forgot this i got a pretty good
  6. A keeper! Catch and release does not apply!!!!
  7. ronp

    ronp Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Nice, happy BD.
  8. rickw

    rickw Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Congrats, nice smoker.

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