new smoker and jerky???

Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by chukarorbust, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. chukarorbust

    chukarorbust Newbie

    So i shut it down about 2 hours ago and its still at 165.. I have it dialed in at 200...

    I will post picts tomorrow. But this thing is needing very little propane. I am just useing a little lantern style bottle. I ran it over five hours seasoning the the unit.. It still feels over half full(The little bottle)..My vent is only a 3/4 inch pipe. I had to cut the bottum seal off the door for it to kepp a flame. Once i did that i put my coleman 2 burner stove ( only one burner running on almost off.) as low as it would go. I just used the second burner to to get the inerts up to temp. ( meaning the insulation and side walls.) I shut the second burner off at 235 and then my other burner is set at almost off... It kept the temp at 195 for over 3 hours steady before I shut it off. (I just ran pan after pan of smoke through it to season it)... tomorrow is the big day.

    What you guy's think 200 for a couple hours just like i do my oven jerky??? How many pans of smoke?? Or should i ask how much smoke?? It seems a pan last about 1 hour.. Any ideas for the greenhorn???[​IMG]


    I am doing 15 lbs. of idaho elk jerky... High country....

    Here is my smoker I built yesterday. The old girl was pink so I did throw a coat of primer on her so she would match the house. What ya think of her?

    I have 15 lbs. elk that will be ready to go here in a couple hours.

    Any suggestions on what wood to use and how many pans??

  2. builder59

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    That looks like a fine build. As far as smoke goes, that is a matter of preference and how well it vents out. If you have a large vent then the smoke will not stay in there very long. You say you have a 3/4" pipe for the vent. Be careful with humidity building up in your smoker due to 1. the wood smoking and 2. The moisture coming off of the meat. 3. The propane will produce some moisture as well. The reason I am telling you this is because the top of the fridge will form condensation and drip on you meat. This tastes like poop!! and it doesn't look very nice on your jerky. I would recommend making a larger draft hole with a damper so you can adjust. I used a 3" pipe and a piece of stainless for the top to dampen. Stainless only because that is what I had left.

    Temperature wise I do mine at 170 for as long as it takes. Sometimes, depending on how much I have in the smoker it may take 16 hours to finish 45 pounds. I have a fan in mine so I don't get any hot spots, you may have to rotate your racks from time to time.

    Good luck and just play with it in small batches and you will be a pro in no time.

  3. beer-b-q

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    You definitely need a larger vent on that otherwise nice build...
  4. mballi3011

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    I would if the pieces are big enough use a skewer or something and hang them from the grates. That way you will get more at one time. Now as far as wood I personally used apple for a litte hint of smoke or mesquite for a more heavy smoke flavor. I think I would go for the mix or maybe some cherry. Better yet I would use the first one I grabbed. I have alot of differant woods at my chosings.
  5. chukarorbust

    chukarorbust Newbie

    well it turned out fabulous.. It took 3 hours rather than 2 but man when your smoking??? Nothing better. My next smoke will be canadian bacon..

    This site is the best...

  6. rambler

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    Great looking build. I do have one small concern with the door latch........ I think you might want to "child proof" the door so it cannot be opened by little people.

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