New Smoker, 1st Pastrami

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by swampwolf, Sep 16, 2016.

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    Just my Wife, 2 dogs and myself so was looking to down size smokers, something for a rack of ribs and a few vegetables but big enough for a couple of Boston Butts when the kids and grand kids come down. Well a couple of weeks ago I was very surprised to find the exact smoker I been thinking about buying on sale at Wall Mart. Picked up a 14 in Smokey Mountain for $99!! It was very well packed in the box, all parts were accounted for and putting it together was only a one beer job.

    It did have a chip in the upper center porcelain piece, E-mailed costumer support that Sunday and with in an hour received an E-mail back saying a new one would be mailed to me. 

    First smoke I decided would be a lazy man Pastrami.

    Just happened to have this on hand, covered it with water and let it soak 24 hours to get the salt out. Changed out the water 3 times. Next was the rub.

    This is what I used, in the bag is brown sugar.

    Rub on and did my grain cut.

    And into the smoker, At this point I'm pretty freaking excited! Just a bit of mesquite smoke from the right side. As I did read in many articles reference this smoker the first smoke Temperature did run a little high, but from what I understand it should start being a little more steady after 4 or 5 smokes. I was very amazed that the built in top thermometer was just 4 degree's different from the top meat rack.

    About 4 hours in the smoke I took it off wrapped it and into the ice chest for 2 hours. I took it out at 170 deg. we had a 30 min. stall at 165 deg. then went up to 170 in no time.

    Unwrapped and then sliced. A bit thinner would have been better but I don't have a meat slicer. (Well I actually do have one, you can see it in the top of the picture.)

    A little butter spray to toast the bread in a hot pan. Added some spicy German mustard and pickles. One had fried onions and the other had sauteed sauerkraut onion and garlic. Both had melted Gouda cheese.

    Tortilla chips and some homemade thick salsa, made for some fine chow! 

    Thanks for looking!
  2. crankybuzzard

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    Very nice result!  Love me some pastrami!
  3. Excellent!
  4. smokinal

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    Nice job!

    It looks delicious!

  5. swampwolf

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    Thank you CrankyBuzzard, love me some pastramil to!
  6. swampwolf

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    Thanks SmokingPiney it was good!
  7. swampwolf

    swampwolf Newbie

    Thanks SmokingAl, I was Pleasantly surprised with the out come. The Pastrami was good, but the price for the smoker was better!  [​IMG]  

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