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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by mulepackin, Dec 28, 2007.

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    Hello everyone. New to the forums. I live in central Montana. Have been processing and smoking my own game and other meats for about 15 years. I'm just completing my second homebuilt electric. This one is a converted 18 cu ft upright freezer. I am using a Brinkman electric element for my heat source. I converted an old Lil Chief into my smoke generator, mainly just for an enclosed metal box. I am using a steel paint bucket (not a lined paint can) for my sawdust/wood chip recepticle and then an electric charcoal lighter to get it smoking. I am ducting the smoke into the actual smoker via a 3 in. duct out the top of the Lil Chief into the lower side of the freezer. I am looking to install a T-stat onto the big unit for better heat control. My old refer conversion only used hot plates, and I had a hard time achieving the heat I was after. Seperating the smoke generation heat from the "cooking" heat seems to be the ticket, and the Brinkman element really puts out! I did 50 lbs of elk salami and summer sausage Christmas eve, and it turned out well. I primarily do these types of products, along with smoked polish type links, slim jims, jerky, and turkeys. I have done pork shoulders, ribs and brisket but always in a regular Brinkman smoker. Doesn't seem right to do them on anything but charcoal. I will try to get some pics up and let you all know how this new unit is working. Alot of great info in these forums. I'm looking forward to picking your collective brains, and possibly adding what little I may along the way.
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    Welcome ot SMF !!!
    Looking forward to pics of your smokers; and also pics of the great offerings they provide you.
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    welcome to smf, you will find a lot of information here!
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    wow mule.......i see lots of folks going to pick your brain for info

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    Welcome to the forum Mulepackin.[​IMG]
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    Mule welcome to smf. Look forward to your Q knowledge and your pics of your smokin adventures!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Welcome to SMF! Sounds like you are bringing us a ton of experience!! I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing about your smokes.
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    Welcome to the forums. Look forward to seeing pics of the smoker.
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    Welcome to the forum
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    Welcome to the site. Hope to hear more from you. Hope you will share your knowledge with us.

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    Glad to have you join us. Lots of freindly and knowledgeable people here always willing to share their knowledge.

    Welcome to the forum!

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