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  1. I was given a smoke hollow pro series 44 inch smoker for Christmas. It has a glass door and is massive when compared to my old master built 18 inch smoker. I am seasoning it today and have a few questions.
    1 instructions for other smoke hollow models say seasoning should be done at 144-160 degrees. My instructions call for 300 degrees. Is there a right and wrong way to season a smoker?
    2 I have set both burners to "low" and it is holding a 300 degree temperature. How do I get is down to 225 degrees?
    3 what is a good thermometer to buy that I can put in the smoker to give me a more accurate reading than the factory thermometer?

    Thanks for any help. I am still pretty new a smokers even though I've already been through one.
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    Please stop by Roll Call and introduce your self for a propper SMF welcome.
    I had the same smoker at one time.
    I would follow your manuals instructions. After the you do the first burn to get all of the manufacturers oils out.
    Spray or coat the inside walls and roof, not the window, with canola or peanut oil then heat it up to 300 again till it quits smoking.
    To get to 225 just turn on 1 burner. How high you have to run 1 burner to get 225 depends alot on out side temp. In the summer I had to run mine on as low as it would go, but in winter I had to run it on almost medium.
    As far as a good thermometer Most people on here recomend the Maverick 732 or 733, they are dual probe, one for meat IT and one for cook chamber, the are remote. You get a base station/ transmitter that the probes plug into and a reciever that you can cary with you up to 300 feet away.
    Hope this helped!!
    Keep Smokin!!!
  3. Congratulations on the new smoker. I don't use propane so I can't answer you temp questions other than to say use the search bar to find mods for your model.

    Yes you need to get it hot to season it so the oils burn off.

    I like the Maverick as do a lot of us around here. Check what ever you get in boiling water as well as a ice water bath to make sure it is correct. Then compare it to the factory gauge on your smoker. Most factory gauges are off.

    I see this is your first post. When you get a chance will you drop by roll call so everyone can give you a proper SMF welcome?

    Happy smoken.

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    Congrats on getting a SH44.  I liked mine so much that I picked up a 2nd one.   I didn't bother with the directions for seasoning, I just sprayed the inside down with PAM and fired it up on high. 

    To get it below 300 with both burners lit, open the bottom door so you can see the flame, turn one burner dial all the way up to HIGH, then push it in and continue turning towards OFF.   You will see the flame get smaller.  Don't turn it too far or the flame can get snuffed out by a decent wind.   Rinse/repeat with the other burner.

    Just an FYI, the chip pans on the SH44 got on my nerves, so I ended up getting an AMNTS tube smoker from Todd Johnson over at Amazenproducts.   It's a ventilated tube that you fill with whatever species of wood pellets you want to use.  Light one end of the tube and get it going, and it will continuously burn for hours and hours.   
  5. Thanks for those responses. I'll get over to the roll call board and make a post there this afternoon. Happy new year!
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    Hello! I seasoned my 26" Smoke Hollow at 300 deg and it came out fine. I purchased a Bayou 3" thermometer from Target for $13 and it seems quite accurate. I have 1 burner and can vary the temp from about 150 up to 300. I have used it twice with different water solutions (pure apple juice 1 time) , and am more than satisfied so far. I have used a 50-50 mixture of apple and hickory for pork.
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