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  1. Hi I am Chris from New Hampshire love BBQ (obviously I'm here), I've had a brinkman offset smoker for about ten years, until the fire box started to rot away. I was never really impressed with the operation and build quality of the brinkman. just got a Master built 30" electric smoker 2 days ago.(blue tooth this is a nice feature) this is so much easier I'm not afraid to walk away and do some yard work without worrying if my fire was out or too hot. I did the season burn in, Then smoked a couple of chicken breasts & potatoes yesterday with some apple  chips. everyone enjoyed. And I have a 8Lb picnic shoulder on the smoker now running pecan. For some pulled samiches for some people at work this weekend, and rack of spares going on later. So far having a blast. performing well to this point. Just wanted to introduce myself.
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    Hi Chris!

    Welcome to SMF!

    Congrats on  the new smoker!

    Good luck with the shoulder!


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