New Propane Smoker Advice??

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by dameatsweats, May 6, 2015.

  1. dameatsweats

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  2. timberjet

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    You would want to do some mods to that smoker to get it to perform right. A lot of folks seem to have a hard time keeping the temp. down on those. So you you would want to get a needle valve installed for fine tuning the gas flow. The next thing I see people having problems with is the wood tray seems to like to burn the wood up too fast causing big spikes in temperature. I see people using a cast iron pan with bolts for legs to get it just a little bit up off the burner. Other than those easy mods it is a good smoker. I think a needle valve is just a few bucks and you need a couple of fittings to make it work. You might already have an old cast iron pan around or you could buy one for cheap at a yard sale or something. I personally love charcoal and that is the way I roll. 
  3. cmayna

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    That smoke is just like my gasser but a little wider.  Nice.   Yes for a needle valve for when you do low temp smoking.  Also yes for a cast iron pan.
  4. dameatsweats

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    Do you guys have any pictures of your set up?

    I just purchased the Masterbuilt XL and added a ball valve under the smoker, where the propane line attaches.  I haven't cooked on it yet, but I was messing with it a little, and saw a couple things I didn't like.  Have you guys seen these.

    1.) when I turn the ball valve down, you can hear a high pitch whistle sound

    2.) when the ball valve is turned down for a lower flame, adjusting the regulator on the smoker doesn't effect the flame.

    Not sure if these are real issues, but im all for suggestions.

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    Thats the smoker I have. Its a dual fuel. Gasser or charcoal. I did a 1/4 turn gas shutoff valve mod decause I couldn't find a needle valves locally. I can keep the tank valve open fully, and adjust the flame w the shutoff valve to whatever flame I need. I can get the flame so low, that the dry chips won't even start to smoke....
  6. noggin

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    Use a needle valve, not a ball valve.  With a needle valve, you'll have MUCH finer control over the smoker flame.  On a ball valve, you can go from fully open to fully closed in as little as half a turn making minor adjustments in temperature very difficult.  A small bump of the knob might be 50° difference. On a needle valve, you turn three full turns or more to go from fully open to fully closed.  A small bump in the knob of a needle valve might be a 5 to 10° difference in temperature.

    When using an external valve with your smoker, you'll want to fully open the valve on the smoker and use just the external valve to control the flame.  
  7. mowin

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    I agree a needle valve is the best choice, but I needed something quick. The shutoff works better than I thought. Very easy to tweek the flame to whatever I need. For a quick fix, it works...

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