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  1. okie52

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    Well I just ordered a Blazn Grills PID for my Traeger Texas grill...really looking forward to getting it as my main knock on my Traeger was the Ortech knockoff digital controller.  I will probably have to move my Smoke Daddy smoke generator to the other side of my hopper since the retrofit on the new PID appears to take up more space than the Ortech knockoff.  I really haven't had to use my smoke daddy much since I changed to BBQ delight pellets (B&B pellets).  

    Hopefully the new PID will arrive in 2 weeks.  Most of the people that I've talked to that retrofitted either a traeger or Bazn Grill with the new PID have said the process was simple and they were very satisified with the performance of the new PID.  Hope they are right!!!   
  2. seenred

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    Sounds good! Be sure to let us know how it works when you get it installed.

  3. okie52

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    I'll get some pics Red. Supposedly this PID is made by Roanoke which as I understand it also makes rec tecs, Memphis, sawtooth and Louisiana grills PIDs. Really like the feature of when the meat hits the desired temp the grill drops to 170 degrees.
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  4. okie52

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    Well my new Blazn grills PID just arrived and I'm anxious to get it on my Traeger Texas to replace my ortech knockoff...

    Not much of an electrical guy so I hope its as simple as matching color coded wires and drilling a few holes.

    I'll try to post pics for those that are interested.  
  5. seenred

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    Good deal...lookin forward to seein how it turns out.

  6. okie52

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    The Blazn Grill PID has arrived

    I will have to move my Smoke Daddy to the other side of the hopper

    Out with the Ortech knock off

    Used L bracket for new RTD.  Will keep RTD near grate level.
  7. okie52

    okie52 Fire Starter

    Blazn Grills PID retrofit was obviously made for Blazn Grills...not Traeger...

    so the holes had to be moved up and over to the right.  A nut/bolt will be in the hopper from the top of the PID.

    Clean the grill to give the new PID a fresh start

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  8. okie52

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    Please forgive my picture taking ability and for being unfamiliar with this board's method of picture posting...Really very easy...I'm just a slow learner. 
  9. seenred

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    Looks good Okie! Let us know how it works and if it makes a big difference for your temp control... Thumbs Up

  10. okie52

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    Did my first cook with the new PID ....nothing special...just wings and corn.

    The PID was dead on..almost never varied from the temp set point and the maverick grate thermometer was almost always within 5 degrees of the rtd temp. Really outstanding.

    One thing I didn't anticipate was that it appears that there is less smoke at 225 and above with the new PID than with the traeger...but seems to have more smoke at 180 and below ( more constant smoke anyway).

    I usually would smoke the meat for an hour or two before I crank up the heat but was hoping for more smoke through 225 than it seemed to have today. It was a bit breezy so that could have affected my perception. I do have a smoke daddy so it's not a big deal but I'd just as soon not have to use it on low temp cooks.

    Nonetheless I am very happy with this PID
  11. How hard was the wiring to the treager?
  12. You said that it was an Ortech knock-off, was it made by someone other then Ortech? I replaced the basic treager with the Ortech and it works fine.
  13. okie52

    okie52 Fire Starter

    Wiring was easy...colors matched on wire leads.
  14. okie52

    okie52 Fire Starter

    As I understand it traeger started making their grills in China about 6 years and when they did they started using the or tech knock offs. Either the program is off or it is an inferior temp controller to the ortech because I've heard other real ortech owners that are very happy with their controller.
  15. Thanks Red and Wolf,

    I had read that thread and saw where Oakie had replaced a Treager digital with the Blazn Grill digital.

    Actually this is for a friend and not myself but he bought the Junior model 055 which has this controller.

    But I have found after more digging that it doesn't matter. I guess the wiring is the same on the this as the digital is.

    Thank you guys for your input!


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