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  1. I'm starting my first reverse flow Patio build.
    Cc is 14.25 Dia x 24 =3827.6
    Firebox round 14.25 x 8 =1275
    Smokestack = 84.194
    Rf pan ht= 4.34 W=13.116
    FB vent opening low 3.83 high 0.77

    How do I figure out the Smokestack size? I also need help on the size of the vents in the Firebox. Thanks for your help.
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  2. 3" x 11.9118 for the smoke stack?
  3. 2.5 x 17.1529 ?
  4. Reverse flow plate
  5. Per the calculator, you should shoot for a exhaust stack of 36" high.

    Using the volume calculation, that would be a stack of 1.73" diameter.

    I am not sold on the volume method of stack design (more on that in another thread some day), and in this case I would settle on 2" diameter at 36" high. Not a bad idea to go to 2.5" diameter at 36" high either.
  6. I recommend using a slightly bigger exhaust like SmokeJumper. It's easier to adjust a damper on the exhaust than it is to replace the whole pipe. I was wondering if your firebox is large enough. 8" is pretty small
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     Good points above....   When building a small RF smoker, the exhaust stack, under the RF plate and opening of the FB/CC should all be made larger...  Probably about 50%....    Small space don't flow air too well.....
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  8. What do you think will happen with the smaller firebox? Should I start over ?
  9. What do you think will happen with the smaller firebox ? Should I start over with a bigger firebox ?
  10. What do you plan on using as fuel? you won't need too big a fire in that size smoker but Im just having a hard time imagining working with that size firebox. I'm not saying it won't work.
  11. I was planning on using a square basket using charcoal and wood chunks.
  12. New firebox, lid and hinges.
  13. new firebox
  14. Horseshoe handle
  15. Another great build! Subscribed

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