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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by wild39, May 25, 2016.

  1. wild39

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    I just picked up a Mr. Meat(I know) electric smoker at a garage sale for $5 & would like any input from someone who's used one.

    Figured out the 2 racks & that the drip pan hangs below the bottom rack...

    No smoker box or any thing came with it. Do I put a smoke box right on the plate above/on the element,? Off to the side of the element?

    I've seen other similar smokers on line which have lava rocks all around the bottom, but don't believe this one uses them.

    Opinion on putting water or any liquid in the drip pan?

    If anyone has advice or can post pictures of a manual for this smoker please chime in.

  2. old sarge

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  3. wild39

    wild39 Newbie

    Thanks old sarge!
  4. lovethemeats

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    Look into a AMNPS unit. Not sure if you can incorporate it into it. But worth a check. That would take care of producing smoke

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