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Discussion in 'Forum Related Issues' started by tulsajeff, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. tulsajeff

    tulsajeff Staff Member Administrator OTBS Member

    So.. I am looking for some validation here to see if I am getting a little closer to having a satisfactory layout.

    By the way..

    I am pretty sure that I can get the active topics at the left in the forums area to scroll just like the one we are accustomed to so that is coming.

    There are still some broken images/links and I am working feverishly on that as well.

    Anything else wrong?

    Give me some feedback.. it is important.
  2. Looks good so far Jeff.
  3. Best since the "migration" IMHO[​IMG]

    Especially like the option for having/not having side bars!....Something for everyone[​IMG]

    Discovered how to delete a post this morning....that was bugging ME. Who reads the "reason for deleting" if it is filled out?

    Also like that when you arive at front page and pick a post to read you automatically go to the forums side.
  4. tonto1117

    tonto1117 OTBS Member

    Jeff , I think the new forum is looking mighty sharp!! Like anything new it will take a bit of getting used to. Thanks for the countless hours you spend working to get everything just right.

    I think this forum and the folks on it are the topps!!![​IMG]

    Thanks Again,
  5. dutch

    dutch Staff Member Administrator Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Looking good, Boss!
  6. Look's good to me! [​IMG]
  7. i ve been gone awhile and got a email, from you jeff i gotn to say that i love the new format. thanx for all your hard work. wildcat "aka" salbaje gato
  8. Looks great Jeff!

    I think we'd be happy with anything short of snail mail! Your spoiling us!
  9. mohntr

    mohntr OTBS Member

    Yes, I agree... lookin' good. Thanks for the hard work and time you have in the transition!
  10. Looks great Jeff and thank you for reinstalling (?) some of the things I was missing!! (Must have been why I was having issues last night [​IMG] .) Have a great evening. Daun
  11. ultramag

    ultramag SMF Events Planning Committee

    This is much better than the middle attempt IMHO. Also, for those that were wanting it to be like the "original" SMF I think you acheived that now as well, especially if you get the active topics thing scrolling.

    Good job, and better you than me. [​IMG]
  12. Looks like you really nailed it and the [​IMG] are behind you!

    No moans, groans, or hey help me's[​IMG]

    Why not take a well earned rest and go smoke something[​IMG]

    Many thanks for the great big effort Jeff!
  13. pigcicles

    pigcicles OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Jeff I think the site is coming along great. You're working hard and we appreciate it. Everyone is learning their way around and finding new toys here and there. So it's all good.

    Sit back, grab a chilled beverage, eat a smoked meat sammie, and smile awhile.[​IMG]

    Keep Smokin
  14. Looks great. I was not around for the old forum, but this layout is what I am used to from some others I am on...

    One thing I am having trouble with though is when I go to, I am taken to the site with the active threads. There is not a way to go to the main forum board. I have found a way to get there... I have to click on a thread in the active forums and then go to the top where the "forum tree" is and then I can go to the main forum board and select a catagory.

    Sorry if this is a little confusing... It is past my bedtime[​IMG]
  15. tulsajeff

    tulsajeff Staff Member Administrator OTBS Member

    To easily get to the main forums area just click on the "forums" link at the top left on the nav bar.. just below the SMF Logo.

    You could also save a link in your favorites to

    You could also make it your home page...

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